Lucy Hale has learned expert make-up skills from working on 'Pretty Little Liars'.

The brunette beauty is good at ''enhancing'' her features with the right products after taking tips from the professionals working on the drama series.

She said: ''On 'PLL' we have to enhance things, so we have to put those lashes on sometimes.

''You learn a lot about what colours work for your eye. I've learned to contour pretty well. I can apply fake lashes pretty well. And I can cover a zit like nobody's business.''

The 25-year-old actress loves splashing out on new beauty products, but rarely uses the things she splurges on.

She admitted to Yahoo! Style: ''I definitely am the girl that goes to Sephora and spends way too much.

''I'm always buying things I'll never even use. In life, I just sort of use concealer and mascara and a bold brow. I try to keep it simple. If I'm going out, I love a good lash.''

Lucy thinks her style has changed since she first started on the show and she is much less ''outrageous'' in her choices now.

She said: ''As I've gotten older, I've gotten more classic. When I was younger, I was more outrageous. Now I want to keep it simple. Some days I'll be more classic; some days I'll be grunge.''