Lucy Hale is a ''beauty product hoarder''.

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star has confessed she is addicted to buying unnecessary make up items and then refuses to dispose of the products despite knowing she will never use them.

She said: ''I'm a beauty product hoarder. Even though I told you I use very little, I'm the girl that will go into Target or Sephora or wherever, and I will feel like I need everything in that store. And I'll get it all! It's all well organised, and it's fun to look at, it's pretty and all my friends want to come over and use my makeup which is great, but I don't really utilize about 90 percent of it.''

The brunette beauty, 25, got used to wearing make up as a teen as she suffered from breakouts and now goes for weekly facials and ensures she removes all traces of cosmetics to keep spots at bay.

She explained: ''I struggled with my skin growing up and am finally at the point where I feel comfortable going out without any makeup on. I try to get weekly facials and that keeps things sort of in check. I found that works for me, and never going to bed with makeup on. ''Sometimes it's late and I don't want to, but I always force myself because I will without a doubt always break out if I go to bed with makeup on.''

Although the 25-year-old actress is addicted to buying all kinds of make up she confessed she is only just ''coming out of [her] shell'' when it comes to experimenting with colour.

She told PEOPLE: ''I'm still coming out of my shell, but I've been playing up my lips with weird colours, which has been fun. As I've gotten older, I've become more comfortable with myself and trying new things.

''My routine is pretty simple it makes my life a lot easier. Because I used to spend hours getting ready and now it only takes 20 minutes which is great.''