Actress Lucy Hale has struck up a friendship with the Hanson brothers after confessing she is "obsessed" with their Christmas album, Snowed In.

The Pretty Little Liars star has realised her dream of becoming a singer and before she performed at this year's Country Music Association's annual Christmas special, she admitted that one of her own holiday traditions involves the MmmBop hitmakers, whose holiday album was America's best-selling Christmas record of 1997.

Hale confessed, "My favourite Christmas album of all time was the Hanson Christmas album. I was so obsessed with Hanson - I'm still obsessed with Hanson."

The 24 year old later took to to share with her followers that her obsession lives on - and she just happened to be in the band's hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, when the pre-taped special aired in the U.S. earlier this month (Dec13).

She wrote, "So everyone knows my love for @hansonmusic by now. Hopefully it's not creepy. AND I'm in their hometown right now so im fangirling (sic) hard."

Youngest brother Zac Hanson took the time to reply to Hale and wrote, "Wish we were there to show you round".