Get ready for an upcoming Lucy Hale album. Most people will know Hale as the face and voice of Aria Montgomery on ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, but Hale’s move into music isn’t unprecedented. Plenty of celebrities have made the leap from TV to music (Miley Cyrus being the obvious example) and Hale’s built-in audience should certainly be an advantage. As the star of a successful ABC series and someone with 3.3 million Twitter followers, Hale has a considerable head start in the business.

Lucy Hale, CMA
Her PLL character might be a bit of a rock chick, but Lucy was raised on country.

The business in question is actually country music. Her debut single You Sound Good to Me dropped on Tuesday and the video already has over 700,000 views on youtube. It’s no Wrecking Ball, but that’s still an impressive count for a country song.

ABC is also on board with Hale’s music career, it seems. Tuesday was also the night of the PLL season premiere and the network aired Hale’s video during the show. For Hale, this new stage in her career was a natural progression – the Memphis-born actress has a strong background in music and country in particular.

Lucy Hale, Pretty Little Liars Halloween Screening
For Hale, this is the logical next step in her career.

Growing up, she says, "I listened to country music and Disney princess songs — those were like the two main kinds of music I listened to,” Hale recalls in an interview with USA Today. “y mom says I've always been a spotlight-hogger. I’ve always wanted to be the center of attention, so I would push my sister out of the way."

The upbeat You Sound Good to Me will be featured on Lucy Hale’s debut album with a tentative release date set for spring 2014. Hale is currently promoting the single with a string of high-profile media appearances.