Of all the shows on NBC’s newly announced fall line-up ‘Constantine’ might just be the one we’re looking forward to the most. The problem is, now that we’ve got our first look at the series, thanks to a truly spectacular trailer, suddenly the fall just seems too far away.

Starring Matt Ryan, ‘Constantine’ is based on DC Comic’s Hellblazer series which also inspired the 2005 movie starring Keanu Reeves. However, that’s were the similarities between the series and the movie seem to end. This small screen adaptation is much, much, more in keeping with the original comics than Reeves' version. Most notably this ‘Constantine’ is wise cracking, blonde and definitely British, making him more recognisable to fans of the Hellblazer comics. He may not have his cigarettes, but he does have his trusty trench coat and in the three minute clip he manages to delver more excitement that the entire 2005 movie.

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In the beginning we’re introduced to Constantine’s dry sense of humour as he describes himself as a “petty dabbler” in the dark arts rather than a master. After witnessing a 9 year old girl literally have her soul taken to hell, Constantine has been left with some personal demons to battle, and finds himself in a psychiatric ward. Unable to escape his gift, Constantine’s powers are then reluctantly put to good use as he helps remove a demon from a fellow patient.

It seems there’s a terrible ancient evil about to arise and Constantine is the only one who can save us. Except he’s not alone, the trailer also introduces us to Liv Parsons, a young girl, who’s partnership with Constantine will make the basis for most of the show. Liv has the ability to see souls which are trapped, the problem is, they don’t like being seen. For us viewers, Liv’s quest to understand what is happening to her will mirror our own voyage into the supernatural world as she acts as our vehicle into understanding all the craziness. Though we won't want her calling on her grandmother again.

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Also starring is ‘Lost’s’ Harold Perrineau who plays Manny, the angel assigned to Constantine to help ease his soul into damnation. From the trailer, he might just end up being the supporting character we can’t wait to see every episode.

Lucy Griffiths 'True Bloods' Lucy Griffiths stars as Liv Parsons

Creepy, epic and a veritable fright fest, ‘Constantine’ is a televisual treat, which looks cinematic enough to belong on the big screen. The trailer lets us know that we’re in for a whole lot of excitement this fall when ‘Constantine’ heads up NBC’s Friday night line up alongside ‘Grimm’. Get ready for action, thrills and snarky comebacks, oh and lets not forget fire, lots and lots of fire. Seriously we really can’t wait!