The British Royal Opera House’s director of music has hit out at the current generation of opera singers in a scathing attack, claiming that they don’t have the stamina of their predecessors and are physically weaker.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Sir Antonio Pappano, 53 years-old, fumed “There’s something in this generation of singers that they are weaker in body or don't care. It’s very frustrating for me personally." He refused to specify which singers he meant, but continued: “It’s just a different generation. The previous generation are about a contract is a contract. The attitude is not the same but for us it’s a big deal.” One of the reasons, he reckoned, is because “the idea of a contract is taken much more lightly”, claiming that the older generation would be on their “death beds” before pulling out.

He also came up with a pretty baffling generalization as to why they were pulling out of shows, citing “Physically their organs are not as strong. I don’t mean to be down on singers,” he clarified. “My life is singers, I adore them. But business is tough.” We think that Pappano’s assessment is certainly on the tough side; you only need to look at one of the greats, the late Luciano Pavarotti, to know that, despite his great reputation for his singing, he also had a pretty stinking for one for his number of high-profile no shows.

The great Pavarotti wasn't known for his punctuality