LATEST: Luciano Pavarotti'S second wife, NICOLETTA MANTOVANI, is suffering from multiple sclerosis, an Italian magazine has reported. Mantovani, 37, has allegedly suffered from the incurable disease of the nervous system for at least eight years and has been having monthly treatments at the Multiple Sclerosis Research Centre in New York for the last two. The revelation from Dr Franca Corfini Strata, the wife of Pavarotti's dietitian, adds a new twist in the battle over the Italian tenor's inheritance, . Strata says: "Luciano and Nicoletta told us together one day, when we were staying with them." The magazine said the treatment had been extremely costly, and could have been one reason why Pavarotti had debts of $24 million (GBP12 million) with his local bank at the time of his death. Mantovani is currently battling for her share of Pavarotti's fortune.