Late opera superstar Luciano Pavarotti turned the biggest celebrities into quivering wrecks because he was so beloved by their parents, according to music mogul HARVEY GOLDSMITH.
The Live Aid promoter admits he was always fielding requests from stars to meet the tenor when he was staging Pavarotti's landmark shows in London's Hyde Park in 1991 - and he claims more celebrities wanted an audience with the Italian singer than any other.
He says, "A crowd of 100,000 turned out and stood in the rain (to see him), including Princess Diana, Prime Minister John Major and Michael Caine.
"I know that Bryan Adams’ father was impressed when Bryan sang with Pavarotti and I remember bumping into Morrissey in Ireland. He came up to me, and said, 'I’d love to take my mother to see Pavarotti. She would just adore it.'
"I said, 'Sure. No problem.' You would be surprised how many people in our business went to see Pavarotti."
And Goldsmith reveals the late opera great always had a very special connection with the parents of celebrities.
He tells, "When my parents used to go to meet Pavarotti after a show, he would literally throw everybody out. I'd bring my parents in, and Pavarotti would throw me out.
"They would sit there and talk for about 15 minutes. My mother would always come out in a flood of tears because he would sing some aria to her. She just couldn't cope with it. He did that about three times. It was quite amazing."