Review of OCD Go Go Go Girls Album by Lovvers

Review of Lovvers album OCD Go Go Go Girls

Lovvers OCD Go Go Go Girls Album

A collection of songs in some sort of cohesive order can be referred to, or classified as an album. When an album, recorded by a band, comes under a subset or genre that receives a lot of press, it can be hyped. And, sometimes, when the level of hype surrounding a forthcoming release exceeds the level of the band in question, especially when they've released a promising sounding limited release EP, the band can start to feel like they justify all the hype they've received, the end result can be lacking.

From all the positive press snippets the band feel at the top of their game, and probably very cool. And so they should- the album is, what, I imagine they were working towards, an aesthetic of style over substance. I would talk about the vocals, or the music, or the songs, if I could hear them at all. And I know that this is the whole idea, and I know that this can work very well in the right environment, if the songs are super strong. In this case, I would defy any listener to tell one song apart from the next. Style over substance works in some cases, but this style just, well, it's not very stylish. At some points, despite this, there's moments of almost something nice happening, but then, as soon as I'm considering that, the feeling goes. I want to like it, but, in the end, Ocd Go Go Go Girls ends up collapsing under its own weight, and considering its brevity, that's quite astonishing.

Conrad Hughes

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