Louis Walsh is launching a new boy band in 2014.

The 'X Factor' judge - who mentored acts such as Westlife, Boyzone and Samantha Mumba to success - has promised his latest pop group will be comprised of all ''new kids'' after auditioning thousands of hopefuls and he is looking forward to the public hearing them for the first time.

He said: ''I'm doing a brand new boy band that will be ready to go next year. They're going to rehearse for the month of January, see the record companies in February and take it from there. No familiar faces, all new kids that have never been on a talent show or anything. I auditioned a thousand!''

As for himself, Louis just wants to be ''happy'' next year, and will kick off 2014 with a relaxing break in Miami.

The 61-year-old music mogul - who is currently representing Union J, Shane Filan and Ronan Keating - said: ''In 2014 all I want is to be happy and well. I just love to work in this business.

''I'll go to Miami for the whole month of January. I go there three months of the year. I have an apartment and I just love it, it's the best place in the world.''