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Louis by the looks of this page it's not much managed? Have you heard of the commitments? Well u should have they came from Dublin back some time ago? Maybe u've heard of Big Mac's Wholy Soul?I've sang with them both started singing at 15! In a rock band! Shy Warrior! If you haven't it doesn't matter anyway! This Is about you raising your profile! Back at you Tullisa! Harsh commemts last night on xfactor! Re- Jedward! It's music!I manage myself! I'm a singer/ songwriter! I've been published fror the past two years and have been writing for nine years! Need a bit of direction as to which way to go Authour/ singer?If you are interested please e-mail Cheers 'F Fisted Sistar'

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by F Fisted Sistar

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Hi Louis, As the Manager for artists Jedward, I am issuing an appeal to get Jedward to headline a charity gig in Celbridge, Co Kildare for the launch of a newly formed Special Olympics Club - Celbridge Condors and the reason for my approaching you is that Jedward have been involved in track and running and ours is an Athletics Club. As the Chairperson of the Club, I am project managing the launch and I know it would mean so much to our athletes, volunteers and their families if Jedward could help launch our club officially.Clearly there will be publicity for the event and I am currently looking at two possible dates of Wednesday, 4th April or Wednesday, 11th April so if you could let me know as soon as possible if they might be available either of those dates. I am hoping to secure the newly refurbished wing of Castletown House which is now a Conference and Event Centre and is located in Celbridge where our club trains every Wednesday.I could not be more happy about Jedward's success as a Lucan person born and breed but now living in Celbridge and I wish them the best of luck in the 2012 Eurovision for which I voted for them to be Ireland's ambassadors again in the International Song Contest taking place in May.Many thanks.Kind Regards,Philomena DukeChairpersonCelbridge Condors

Posted 12 years 4 months ago by Philomena

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Hi Louis, I just want to let you know there is an up and coming band called reconnected who I think you should have a look at:) they were on britains got talent in 2010 and got to the final.. There was 5 of them called connected now they have renamed and reformed as reconnected. They are amazing and have just been signed with rka records off dragons den. They have 6 songs of their own and have done loads of gigs it would really mean a lot if you could look in to them! Thank you and everyone check them out on Facebook:) sofeena Yates xx

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by Sofeena Yates

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Hi Louis,Don't want anything, but buck your trend and get together with Janet and get a C.D. out, please. She's pretty, cute, innocent, a fantastic vocalist with a unique voice, the world needs Janet!!!! I get goosebumps when she sings, especially 'Wise men say' every bit as good as Elvis or Andy Williams. It's the way she says 'can't' with no Americanism. Am I doomed to never have goosebumps again? Regards Pat Jackson

Posted 12 years 7 months ago by Jacko3524

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Hi Louis,I'm trying to contact MIKE HAYNES he was part of your crowd PRATTS. We were good friends in Zimbabwe. Do you know where he is?Please give me any news on ph 01234 713626 (UK No) or [email protected] x

Posted 12 years 8 months ago by zimbushbabe

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Hello Louie! I just love the fact you are on the X Factor! I'm very proud of you. If you are looking for a new line of work, I have an idea for a series for you. I'm also writing a short story about you. If you would please be so kind Sir... perhaps you could drop me a line. I would appreciate it. Thanks ever so much! Lady Cass hotchilypepper@gmail

Posted 12 years 9 months ago by Guest Watcher

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hello louis, do u ever go on this, i would love to get in touch with you, i am not a singer or anything like tat, i jus like u as a person.. i know your a busy man, but if u have a few mins spare would u get in touch plz!! thanks an hope to here from you...john_mc989@hotmailJohn

Posted 12 years 9 months ago by johnnyboi

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hello louis, do u ever go on this, i would love to get in touch with you, i am not a singer or anything like tat, i jus like u as a person.. i know your a busy man, but if u have a few mins spare would u get in touch plz!! thanks an hope to here from you...hellodere92@gmailJohn

Posted 12 years 9 months ago by johnnyboi

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hi louis need to talk to u about getting jls to met my daughter please email me on sg2004@msn many thankssusan greer

Posted 12 years 11 months ago by Susan Greer

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I love Louis and Simon and hope to sing to them soon. I've followed Ex factor until I got fired from the hospital where I was working as a nursing assistant,.I went to New-jersey, Chicago. I made it past the first round in Dallas and was cut off.

Posted 13 years 2 weeks ago by actress

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Pleased to see who I always believed to be an innocent person cleared of such an outrageous thing. I hope his accuser is given the same publicity and also receives an appropriate punishment. Louis is one the most genuine people on tv and I hope he is ok after this.

Posted 13 years 2 weeks ago by kitlad

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looking for an ambassador for an anti bullying advocacy group in Ireland that promotes a stop bullying philosophy for those with an intellectual disability

Posted 13 years 2 weeks ago by fionawelly

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Love to get the chance to make contact with Louis Walsh sometime, im not an artist more an admirer of the older gentleman. Any chance let me know

Posted 13 years 2 months ago by lovelime

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I would love to meet Louis Walsh in person if possible, im not a singer but an admirer of the older gentleman and i think Louis Walsh is hot!

Posted 13 years 2 months ago by lovelime

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hi louis i understand your a very busy man at the moment but i am a young man worth a look i am an excellent frontman and my talent is being wasted at the moment so if you could get back to me it would be great thanks you louis, Joe.my number 0861015899

Posted 13 years 6 months ago by Joe hogan

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Louis, you're a c**k. You chose the Wagner song on Saturday and it set him up for nasty comments from the other retarded judges. I know that Wagner received enough votes and that the show is rigged - so do you, hence - you are a c**k. By the way if I ever see you crossing the street I won't brake. Assuring you of my best intentions at all times.

Posted 13 years 7 months ago by BBigGG

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hi :) everyone reading this im ashley, im singer song writerplease check me out on youtube,ignore the quality of the vids haha i have a demo tooleave me your comments :)

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by ashley mooney

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louis please let mary byrne sing ( the greasest man I never knew ) by reba mc entire.

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by woodstown

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Louis, please go away.

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by momlax11

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You ask my how i was struggling through live. In reply i declined to mention my grandfather who died in the 90`s geoff humphrey. Due to the truth which is after quitting xtc getting numberously date raped. Thank you but i also a bit of a homophobe. I do and can understand the votes made against my. Certainly understand the music stopping.

Posted 14 years 1 month ago by LeWiSjBrOokS

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I wrote a song for Louis to give to the Westlife boys. It's SO them and would be a numbe one for sure. Have a listen and if you agree with me tell Louis!! It's on Soundcloud, artist: Waggstar, song: Come With Me. Much love. xx

Posted 14 years 3 months ago by Waggstar

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I’m with you Jenna B, don’t listen to your mates I think Louis is gorgeous too!!

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by Jana.K

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I love Louis!!! He is the best man on the planet. I have seen JLS and Westlife twice and I kept thinking of Louis making me very emotional! My friends think im crazy because I say you hansome! Louis please contact me I am your biggest fan, no I really am.

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by Jenna. B

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would just like to say that i know its early days yet and i was and allways will be a big steven gatley fan but does any one else think that joe of x factor would make a good relacement when the time is right ? xxxx

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by angela green

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We have been watching the x-factor for the past few weeks and have decided to run a fundraiser for Whitehall Colmcille GAA club on the night of the live final, we were wondering if you would be able to send us some cardboard cut outs or anything appropriate to complete our x factor studio! Our night will be held in Whitehall Colmcille on collins ave, Dublin, And all going well could become a yearly event!Thanks, The fund raising committee Whitehall Colmcille

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by Fundraising Com...

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louie walsh you must have clothe ears to say our welsh boy cant sing those 2 twitts you mentored cant sing or dance all thet can do is annoy they are talentless idiots and if you think thats talent you best give up

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by valleyboyaber

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my 2 sons- aged 9 and 7 dressed up as john and edward for hallowe'en. huge successs.is there any way that the twins could sort out autographed pics for them?please?absolutely love the twins- TV highlight of the year.no-one else in the contest is outstanding in any way.great choice of acts...well done!

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by helen1711

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I LOVE JEDWARD! God Bless Em! Shame on adults booing a pair of kids going for their dream...theyre brilliantly entertaining and just genuine nice kids, not playing off gimmicks.The ONLY reason I WATCH XFACTOR. Get them singing PJ&Duncan Let's get ready to rumble or boom shake the room by Will. THEYRE AMAZING! JEDWARD for the WIN!! X

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by TwinTrouble1

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Hi all..including Louis....check out You Tube clip ...IIT SOCCER KARAOKE ALLAN...21 year old from Ireland studying at college in Chicago USA ,on a sports scholorship ,since July 08....singing a couple of songs in campus bar....massive potential for any new group Louis.

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by Westlife Potential

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Heya louis im a big fan of MISS FRANK and i was just listening to the En Vogue song ''Free Your Mind'' and i think that it would really suit the girls voices, just a bit of food for thought :)

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by ericka198

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Louis,I am a big fan of yours and Boyzone and just want to send my condolences to you on Stephen Gately. I loved Boyzone from the moment they were formed and Stephen was my clear favourite. Every snippet in a magazine i had of him, posters on the wall hung proudly and i even got a silver jacket like his! Cringe moments!! This year my husband gave me tickets for me to see them in Wembley on their comeback tour. That night was one of the best nights ever, especially when the boys "flew" over our heads. (Stephen was so close!) No matter how many years go by, their music still brings back wonderful childhood memories for me. When i heard the news Stephen had passed away i was devasted. My eyes well to think that he passed away so young. Many original Boyzone fans, like myself, are now grown up with probably families of their own but their love for the boys will never fade. They are and still will be an inspiration. My thoughts are with you Louis at this hard time and i hope you, the boys and the rest of Stephens family give and have the support you will need. No matter what others say, i for one think you are amazing. With much love, Lisa.

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by LisaMoore26

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Louis you are a clown that knows nothing about music other then how to sell it.Quality is just something to can not grasp.I guess the proof is in the kind of bands to have had a hand-in.Try looking for more depth/substance rather than popular tosh.

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by john h m

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i just want to ask louis about SHAYNE WARD. why is he not pushing him to the forefront. he has an amazing voice, i know he has made hits in other countries, but it should be here where he needs to make it, shaynes fans are so upset and annoyed that louis and simon are not doing anything to bring him to the front ,(so to speak) also i hear his new albim has been delayed, AGAIN, why? there are worst singers out there, making money. i dont get it!!!! please, please louis answer my question. thanks lynn

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by lyndloo

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louis simon got leona lewis well my friend weve got a girl that will blow her out of the water she is totaly amazing i wouldnt waste your time mate nor would i waste mine but for real shes the next cross between maria leona and alisha keys pleases how do you get to hear her live just one song from her will blow you away

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by parky

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Just want to know what has happened to Shayne Ward,he can't stay in the public eye without the right p.a. people behind him.To my knowledge he hasn't had an album out since Breathless, why not?Is Butlins the only venues he's doing, WHY? He's too good to be FORGOTTEN. Please make sure Louis sees this.

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by divaang

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Greetings Mr. WalshAlbert and Tempie are huge fans of yours. We look forward to your participation on the X Factor every year, and are proud owners of your most informative publication: LOUIS WALSH'S FAST TRACK TO FAME.Consequently, we would like to contact you personally to congratulate you, and to share more of our world.For a quick snapshot of who we are go to: www.myspace.com/albertandtempieor simply type ALBERT AND TEMPIE in your prefered browser to see our web presence and to listen to our particular brand of music.SincerelyAlbert and TempieThe Winning Team

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by Albert and Tempie

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Hi louis , please can you ask the lads to do a show in fife in scotland for us , i think the best place for a show in fife would be at the following , ROTHES HALLS IN GLENROTHES OR BELL BAXTER HIGH SCHOOL IN CUPAR , and thatz just a 5 min walk from me , please let me know asap , thank you louis ,

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by kian egan s,bitch

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i hate that scott i saw a clip of it and he was rubis and i hate that stuped show

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by homer j

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louis is stupied for kicking scott out of x factor he will be soon the most hated juge on the x factor and will soon be hated for life by scott die die die

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by i hate louis

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Im an urban artist and many years made applications to try out on x factor but seem to miss out so maybe you can send me an application from.or should I just keep on trying to establish myself as an artistIm out all the time in the streets to write songs and loosing ideas cause i don't have any were to go to finish them with out being disturbed or a place to record them.I went to the jay z concert in hyde park recently and wrote a song I should to date have 30 songs finished but i get moved around.I dont want to get lost in the crowd any more or loose anymore of my songs cause I have to spendf toomuch time on the internet to look for work to support me. there must be an easier way.I need more time to relax write my songs but im struggling with my identity its a crisis.I was writing alot of them in south london but the people around me want me to be nice all the time which i do as they are like the public but my songs and the artist is getting disturbed.How can i snap out of this and think of myself as a whole again.I dont want to loose myself because of my sircumstance.Can you helpI am irish and british mixed but i was told i sound like joss stone.I really want to find my voice and my sound and not get side tracted.there is so much on offer in london its hard not to apply to them as i want to do whats on offer but then me as an artist gets neglected I need support but the locals can only do so much i need to go higher and thought of you Ive danced at dizzy rascal at regents park and some girls told me im a good dancer but i want to go back to class run out of funding.struggling to keep it together but now that I have got on to your myspace

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by lou

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Posted 15 years 11 months ago by SMUDGERSMITH


can anyone tell me where i can get in contact withthe louis walsh management company in london. i can only find an address in ireland. or even a telephone number would be great.

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by pammibaby

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Mr Walsh, what are the details for the girldband audition?

Posted 15 years 12 months ago by Dlovers

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Hi Louis can you tell me if you are going to give Eton Road and The MacDonald Bros a Managment Record Deal because I like them both.I am having trouble getting some of The Macdonald bros cds from all Music Shops in my area which is Telford Shropshire, On The Macdonald Bros Website it said if I want their CD's I have to Pre-Order them from websites like HMV and the site www.themusickitchen.co.uk.Thanks Paul

Posted 16 years 1 week ago by Paul Martin

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mw and a friend are disppointed we didn't to see westlife in Eason on 19th of June we waited 10 years and i went ture a head life within the 10 years since westlife came in my life so we were disppointed when we didn't get to see then a big fan of westlife

Posted 16 years 2 weeks ago by Sinead Beringham

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Mr Louis Walsh is a sweetheart! i adore him from the first time i saw him as a judge on X-FACTOR show. He is so cute . i love his beautiful smile and optimistic face.Also i loved him as a judge as he was pretty much nice to contestants..In fact, he was one of the reasons i've watched that show. Now, can any of you guys tell me is it possible to contact mr Walsh in any way?i would love to send him an email .However, nice to see i'm not the only one who think he is great man.Greetings to all of you from Belgrade.

Posted 16 years 1 month ago by igor_belgrade

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Hi Louis I am 21 and i have a friend who is in a band i think they are brilliant and i honestly think they could be the next best thing to come out of ireland. i am a huge fan of westlife have been to all there irish gigs so i know the talent you are looking for if you are interested in hearing them please contact me by email with how i can let you hear them,i am going to send you comments as much as i can a week so i would really appricate it if you could contact me.thanks a mill cathy kelly

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by catskel

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I know Luis is the "Boyband" Guru.So I thought I post this on here from a bunch of Lads from Alexandria, Dumbarton & Clydebank , Scotland.Their band name is "Landon" they are all 18yrs old, they write all there own music & are brilliant live.They don't have a penny between themselves, but I recon they deserve a crack at the big time!What do you think?....Have a listen.. www.myspace.com/landontheband

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by 2Rivers

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Louis was right this week. NIKKI shouldn't have been eliminated.Her first song WAS beautiful. If it was a single I would love to buy it and I'm sure there are many of us that would. She has a fantastic voice and I'm gutted that we will not see her final video song.I can't help thinking that Leon is getting through by his young good looks rather than his voice which is not as world class as Nikki's. He actually sang quite flat this week.With a bit of slimming down and younger styling, Nikki has a great sexy JLo look and with a voice like that she would go really sky high. She deserves a second chance.Perhaps its not a good idea to mix the 'oldies' with the teeny bopper talent because it proves that the latter will always win. SAME DIFFERENCE should not be in the final either. they are cute but oh so corny.its all the youngsters voting with their mobiles that are getting them through. COME BACK NIKKI! WE LOVE YOU

Posted 16 years 7 months ago by retroflick

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loui Im from Mexico and I know the important person you are at the artist media so I congratulations from my part.the reasson off my mail is because I whant to bring to Mexico Manu Chau so please if you can help me I will be please my email is [email protected] and my phone (52)(998)109 7029 thanks once again your friend Juan Manuel Diaz

Posted 16 years 7 months ago by jhon

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Louis Sucks in da x factor what the helll is or the bickoring for wiv Simon.?

Posted 16 years 7 months ago by Shaalin23

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OMG I FU**ING HATE LOUIS WALSH FOR WHAT HE SAID ABOUT MCFLYI QUOTE FROM AN INTERVIEW FROM http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/celeb_news/Louis_Walsh_slams_McFly_article_138474.html'the teen group are not in the same league as Westlife and Boyzone, the boybands he steered to fame. 'They were holding guitars and I don't think they were plugged in most of the time,' he insists in ITV show The Truth About Boy Bands. 'And they're jumping round the stage with silly haircuts, trying to be American, I don't really buy that.' Louis also reckons the McFly lads aren't as squeaky-clean as they make out. 'Behind closed doors in their hotels they get drunk, they take drugs, they let in groupies - they're guys,' he says.'OMG WHAT A FU**ING RETARD THEY DONT HAVE SILY HAIRCUTSAND THEY DONT TRY TO BE AMERICAN AND THEY MOST CERTAILY DO NOT TAKE DRUGS OF COURSE THEY DRINK EVERYONE HAS A DRINK NOW AND AGEN

Posted 16 years 10 months ago by McFly luva

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Is it true that louis has sighned a record deal with Keith Jack from Any Dream Will Do?I love Keith Please make something big happen for him as he will be huge as so many people wanted him to win! Please Answer xx

Posted 16 years 10 months ago by ++Sally++

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I think Louis is a great musician and he know his job very well...so keep up the good work...as there are more great band out there...for instance i know a fantastic band, called " Waiting for June" check out their website http://www.myspace.com/waiting4juneI think they should become famous...Ramona

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by Lostbridge

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louis just wondering when eton road r guna make it big like u siad anthony is a really good friend of mine and this is all he has ever wanted please keep his dream alive am cheryl and i dont want him to be sad and simon cowell is a little prick sacking u ur brill and sharron x x x x do simon out mate lol

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by eton road 1 fan...

eton road 1 fan*******'s picture

lets see how many number 1s have westlife had how many has boyzone had oh dear so many i lost count yeh n all thanks to louis walsh as for the mcdonald brothers there the only ppl on there that improved leona is the same now as the day she started just like all the restand such a drag to watch the mc d dros were an enjoy to watch wonder if leona won cos of all the xtra out of hours coaching she got from simon !!!!!! weather the mc d bros are any gd or not or how far they got is also down to the public after all its them who voteand could you also leave the fact that louis is irish out of it ...it has nothing to do with it but must add simon whould not be where he is 2day if it wasnt for louis

Posted 17 years 5 months ago by scarlet

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louis i think u r the biggest pric|< on the earth and u r a childish dic|< head. how the mcdonald brothers r through AGAIN is past me. i can only think that the whole of jockland are voting for them. but anyway i hope simon kicks the SH!T out of u and ray or leona win X-Factor.. also i'd like to add that sharon is a snobby also childish dic|< head who makes decisions so that the public will like her .... W@NKERSSS

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by LOUIS IS A PRICK

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louis u are the biggest idiot EVER ashley has more star quality than robert! you only voted ashley out just to get on simons nerves well u made the biggest mistake!

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by essexgurl

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Dear Louis,Westlife are amazing, and G4 are simply the best! The only thing I don't like about them, is you!!!!!!!!!! Y did u put Ashley out you small minded little prick? Be glad that I'll never meet you, because if I did, I've a feeling someone would lose a limb.Spitefully yours,AshleyMcKenzie4eva

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by AshleyMcKenzie4eva

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Hey LouisI think you should have a section on the x-factor which doesn't only allow us to focus on new singing talent but also let's them sing new songs from new songwriters. To that end - amazingly - can I direct you to www.myspace.com/petemarriottthesecond, where you will find a song - Way Home -which would be great for one of your groups in the competition. have a listen. get it recorded. WIN!

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by petemarriott

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Hi Louis,Do your self a massive favour and let ETON ROAD sing Jaqui , the Scott Walker song. That lead singer wouldbe fantastic.

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by licklesweatheart

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Being an avid follower of westlife, and a 58 year old swinger, i would like to get a message to louie walsh one of the best early groups out of ireland was "The Bachelors" and with there type of music and ballards westlife would do a great revival and album.

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by Stephen Burke

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I was very disappointed when I went to the ticket master web site and saw that westlife have no belfast dates, I really need to know why !!!

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by lisa hare

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I wonder if walsh have the intention to help Ms Moss singer career (Primal scream:kate Moss -some velvet morning) if so, better tto think with the head and not with the heart...Duhartee is not the right men to her and either the artist

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by avesalge

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hello mr Walsh.i'm an italian singer who lives in paris.i use to sing in english and play guitar in all the parisian irish pubs.one night there were irish people listening to me,and i was singing a ronan keating song,and the irish told me that they loved my voice and they introduced me to a man called Louis Walsh.i didn't know who was this man but people left me his telephone number,telling me to call him cause he would love my voice.i've tried to call you but i think they gave me the wrong number cause there's always a woman answering.i just ask you,if god let you read my email,to contact me at [email protected] to have an appointment with you in dublin.i write my own songs in english and my style is similar to ronan keating'style with some difference.i´'m going to dublin on the 28th of july until 8th august 2006.i hope you'll answer me soon.thank you for what you do for singers

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by youri

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Hi Louis, i havebeen trying to contact you for ages. Anyway i'm a 17 yr old from Limerick city. I have been writing songs since i was 13 and now whoever seen them love my songs. Can you email me please?Tanya x

Posted 17 years 12 months ago by Tanya~

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Simon Cowell...sex symbol...what's all that about?Forget Simon...Louis Walsh is the business!There is just something about Mr Walsh.I hold the highest admiration for you Louis.All the best to you xxx

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by JSimnett

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Posted 18 years 2 months ago by FROM-ECUADOR,- ...


Howaya.Just want to tell ya tat its ridiculous tat Girls Aloud are not coming to tour in Dublin dey have a huge fan base in Ireland der songs are always in de top 10,dey played here 2nights in a row,dey could sell de point out no problem,Dey have Irish connections its Nadines Home country,yours,and sarahs da is from here im a loyal fan and der are tons off others like meself out der please put 1 date in Dublin ive been waiting since June2005 to see dem.If dey dont come dey dont know how to treat loyal fans. Yours Angrilly Lee

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by Lee

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Hi Louis!A few weeks before the final of the x-factor, I and my friends had the pleasure of meeting your brother Frank and his wife Wendy while they were staying in my house for a party in my neighbours, Liz and Brendan.We were delighted to meet them as we are avid followers of Westlife and have been for years. On April 11th, we will travel to the point to see them play for our tenth time.We live in Dublin and already have our outfits planned for the big night!We have oftened dreamed of meeting westlife and came so close in a 98fm auction where you could meet and greet. We bid eight hundred euros and were very disappointed to be outbid.We were wondering if you could make this dream come true. The three of us are in our early teens and would love to meet the guys, even if its only for a minute.Kind Regards, Ciara and Nicola Fagan and Megan Coghlan.

Posted 18 years 4 months ago by Megan Coghlan, ...

Megan Coghlan, Nikki andCiara's picture

if you know or have a contact with Louis Walsh please can you help us?**Press Release 27/01/06**Tastier Than Kandifloss!It looks like Celebrity Big Brother starlet Chantelle Houghton’s new found celeb status will be short lived. There’s set to be trouble brewing when she leaves the Big Brother house tonight.Her band Kandifloss whose debut single ‘I Want It Right Now’ has attracted more than a little rivalry and a fight for the charts in the form of sassy new girl group Candy.After the initial auditions on BBLB - the girls who didn’t make it into Kandifloss hooked up to form rival band Candy aiming storm the charts and prove to Chantelle and chums that Candy will always taste sweeter!With the sugar coated four piece Candy working hard in the studio laying down vocals for their new track ‘Dance With Me’ you can guarantee they’ll be ready and waiting when the celebrity house throws open it’s doors.Candy’s challenge to Kandifloss will see who can top the charts and be the real winners!**ENDS**Notes to EditorsFor more information contact Scott @ SMA Promotions07079340051 / 07817809498Candy consists of:Laura Voxx (20) from Surry.Nikki Lee (21) from Essex.Sabrina Kelly (19) from Kent.Tyese Beck (18) from Scotland. Candy are represented by Scratch PR (Southampton) and SMA Promotions (Southend on Sea, Essex).www.scratchscratch.com

Posted 18 years 5 months ago by SMA

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I was so glad to see that Louis returned on saturday and i hope that if they do another series next year that he will continue on with it, Louis has a huge fan base out here, but if anyone knows a address where you can write to him, will they post it as i can't find one anywhere.

Posted 18 years 7 months ago by tra2207

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Louis come back to Xfactory. Shayne need you! You are a good judge..don't let the xfactory down..!

Posted 18 years 7 months ago by Ck

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I agree with Wendy. And the way Sharon acted towards Louis was disgusting and unforgivable. Who could have blamed Louis if HE had thrown water over HER. But he didn't. TO Louis: We will all understand if you do want to quit The X Factor, but please don't go. Every decent-thinking person will want you to stay. If anyone should leave it should be Sharon. Who is she, anyway?

Posted 18 years 7 months ago by Joe from Hitchi...

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I for one will be watching another channel if Louis is not on this weeks X Factor. Everybody should be allowed to have there own opinion without being booed at and given abuse by people who dont even know Louis. As for Simon I think he needs to grow up, he suppose to be his friend and all he does is throw insults at him, if hes a friend i would hate to know how he treats his enemies. My message to Louis is DONT LET THEM GET YOU DOWN YOU HAVE YOUR VERY OWN FAN BASE OUT THERE.

Posted 18 years 7 months ago by wendy

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im 15... i watched the x factor one time and i saw nicholas.. and i thought wow .. he is amazeing... i liked him alot... i belived in him ... i still do and i know that he cam do it... i just hope that he still belives in himself and dosent give up! louis made him better and hes great... but when he had to think about who to send home out of the conways... that was wrong and i bet nicholas didnt feel to good ! bur hes gone now... i hope he carries on doing what he dose best .. i cried when he went and i feel really sad now !

Posted 18 years 8 months ago by pucca

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