As you were then. It may have taken Louis C.K 19 months to come back with the fourth season of ‘Louie’, but not much has changed. It’s still really funny; you can never tell what’s going to happen next and the critics have fallen it love with it all over again.

LouieLouis CK Has Received Critical Acclaim for Season 4 of 'Louie'

The first two episodes saw C.K ease us back into the swing of things; noisy rubbish men, bad backs, troublesome dress-codes and unexpected sex followed by $5000 a month in compensation. “What stuns me still about Louie is the complete unpredictability of it all as all four episodes defy TV comedy’s habit of going from point A to point B by taking viewers on another trip altogether,” said Brian Tallerico of

“Its main purpose is to confront the taboo, and whether that means exploring just how far Louie will go into the "experimental" side of masturbation in the season premiere or simply digging into his ugliest prejudices about overweight women, the show can be revelatory,” suggests Entertainment Weekly’s Melissa Maerz. 

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“‘Louie’” also remains something of a solipsistic viewing experience, best savored alone possibly because it's his solo journey through a baffling universe that keeps its inhabits -- Louie in particular -- precariously off-balance. Sometimes it's blue -- a card game Monday night wherein the players explore in considerable detail their onanistic habits. Sometimes hilarious -- the Seinfeld episode in particular,” says Newsdays’s Verne Gay. 

It’s clear that CK is back to his best with ‘Louie’ as he continues to surprise, shock and entertain with his very own brand of comedy – an alchemy of good old-fashioned punch lines, observational stuff and a smattering of the truly surreal. Everyone should watch it. 

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