Representatives for Lou Reed insist the rocker had nothing to do with the decision not to allow Scottish star Susan Boyle to sing his PERFECT DAY anthem on a U.S. TV talent contest - a licensing glitch was to blame.
Reed was turned into a villain in the media earlier this week when Boyle was barred from singing his tune on America's Got Talent.
Insiders claim the Brit flew over to Los Angeles especially to perform the song - one of her favourites - on TV, and she was crushed and heartbroken when she learned she wasn't allowed to sing it.
Initial reports suggested Reed had put a stop to her plan, but his reps insist the Velvet Underground frontman had no idea about the drama.
A spokesman for the rocker tells TV news show Access Hollywood Reed did not turn down Boyle's request to sing Perfect Day on the show, adding, "a glitch prevented the song from being performed in an American market."
Boyle reportedly burst into tears upon learning the news and refused to pick an alternative song. Instead, she insisted on returning to the airport and flying back to Britain.
A statement on behalf of the singer read, "Susan is on a plane heading back to London with a heavy heart."