Members of the Welsh rock group Lostprophets have formed a band without their now-imprisoned former singer, Ian Watkins, who is a convicted paedophile. Guitarist Lee Gaze, rhythm guitarist Mike Lewis, keyboardist Jamie Oliver, drummer Luke Johnson and bassist Stuart Richardson are reportedly working with Geoff Rickly, the ex-frontman of US rock band Thursday, to return to the music business.

Lostprophets Are Regrouping To Make New Unit After Ian Watkins Is Imprisoned.

The seemingly as-yet unnamed band have reportedly begun to make new music together that Rickly described as "a little bit of New Order, little bit of Joy Division, little bit of The Cure," in a recent interview with Radio Cardiff.

Lee Gaze Lostprophets
Guitarist Lee Gaze Has Previously Thanked Lostprophet Fans For Their Support.

"I think if ever there was a group of people that needed a second chance, it's those guys," Rickly sympathised, adding "What happened is just devastating for them [and] people don't really think [about] what happens to the other members."

Lostprophets Stuart Richardson
The Band, Including Bassist Stuart Richardson, Were Not Aware Of Watkin's Paedophilia.

Rickly revealed that the group will be represented by his own label, Collect Records and that he has high hopes for them as a unit. "People are not going to know what hit them when the new band comes out," he said. "[The band's] just so good, forward thinking...I'm really proud of them."

Lostprophets Luke Johnson
Drummer Luke Johnson & The Rest Of The Band Have Been Praised For Their "Forward Thinking" Attitude.

Lostprophets announced that they were splitting up ten months after Watkins was charged with a serious of child sex offences in December 2012.

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The 'Rooftops' singer was jailed for 35 years after he confessed to 13 offences and was described by the judge as a "committed and determined paedophile." The case showed he had used his fame to persuade fans to abuse or let him abuse their children.

Jamie Oliver Lostprophets
Keyboardist Jamie Oliver Is Part Of The New, Post-Lostprophets Group With Geoff Rickly.

Following the arrest of Watkins, the musicians "had to give up everything that they had worked [on] for 15 to 17 years", said Rickly. "They had no idea what was going on, it hit them so hard." None of the members of Watkin's band were implicated in the case, meaning they should have a chance at success as a new group.

Mike Lewis Lostprophets
Guitarist Mike Lewis & The New Group Should Have A Shot At Success All Over Again.

Having formed in Pontypridd in 1997, Lostprophets released five records, sold more than 3.5m albums worldwide, and boasted a string of festival headline slots and top ten UK hits.

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