Lostprophets, the Welsh rock band whose former singer Ian Watkins was sentenced to 35 years in prison for child sex offences in 2013, have reformed as No Devotion, a new act fronted by Geoff Rickly.

Geoff Rickly ThursdayGeoff Rickly of Thursday [Photo: Getty images, credit: Mark Metcalfe]

Lee Gaze, Stuart Richardson, Mike Lewis, Luke Johnson and Jamie Oliver took a six month hiatus following Watkins' trial and conviction, though have now recruited former Thursday singer Rickly as the new frontman.

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"To be honest, I never really listened to Lostprophets," he said. "But with this music we speak a common language. I had always liked these guys in passing; they're funny and self-aware.

"I didn't think it was fair what was happening to them and, well, the music was too good to pass up."

Geoff RicklyGeoff Rickly, the new frontman of No Devotion [Photo: Getty Images, credit: Mark Metcalfe]

Guitarists Gaze and Lewis spoke for the first time about Watkins' conviction a couple of months after his sentencing, saying, "I feel incredibly bad for his mother and his whole family and the stigma they have to endure now because of what he's done and what his actions have done to hurt many people.

"But I have no interest in questioning him about it. Never," said Mike.

"I don't think I'd get the answers I wanted," Lee said, "And I don't know what knowing answers to certain questions would give me now, either."

Watkins pleaded guilty to 12 child sex offences, including two counts of attempting to rape a baby, in December 2013. 

lee GazeLostprophets took a hiatus after the Ian Watkins trial [Photo: Getty images, credit: Ian Gavan]