Disgraced rocker Ian Watkins' former bandmates in Lostprophets never want to speak to their frontman again after he was convicted of a series of child sex offences at the end of last year (13).

Guitarists Lee Gaze and Mike Lewis have labelled the singer's depravity "unbelievable" in a new interview.

Lewis, who grew up with Watkins in Pontypridd, Wales, says, "I tried reading the judge’s report. I couldn’t even finish it. To think that somebody I grew up with, who I had been friends with my entire life, whose mother I knew, and how close our families were... I find it utterly unbelievable that he was capable of doing those things."

Watkins, 36, was jailed for 29 years after admitting a host of child sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby. He pleaded guilty to 13 offences.

LostProphets split weeks before the rock star was sentenced, and the singer's old pal admits he has no interest in visiting Watkins in jail: "I’ve thought about it long and hard and, no, I have no interest in ever speaking to him again.

"I feel incredibly bad for his mother and his whole family and the stigma they have to endure now because of what he’s done and what his actions have done to hurt many people. But I have no interest in questioning him about it. Never."

And in the new Sunday Times Magazine interview, Gaze has described Watkins as a "weak character," adding, "He’s a bit of a coward, not a tough guy by any means. To be in prison, where he’s going to be the guy from the rock band with those charges, I was worried. But then I reached a point where real resentment set in."

He adds, "He spent the longest time trying to convince us that somebody was trying to get revenge on him. He’d created such a web of people, bouncing these women off each other, that it was perfectly feasible that one of these women hated him so much that she wanted to catch him out.

"I thought he was a lot of things - a drug addict, a womaniser - but I never, ever believed that of him. My first assumption was that maybe there was a mistake."