Review of Sacred Album by Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys
Album Review

While not a complete departure from the Tex-Mex bar band sounds of the Boys' 2003 debut, Sacred carries the energy and sounds of a full-fledged Texican revival. Delivering the same sweeping, lick-heavy, often complex guitar strokes of Henry Garza, the rolling, untamed thunder of Jo Jo Garza's bass and Ringo Garza 's smart snare slaps and fills, this release is more accessible, even commercial, in all of its roots-rock glory. But the harmony-rich vocals, spicy accordion work, throwback organ, Motown-inspired horns, and guest vocal spots by famed country singer Willie Nelson and the boys' father Enrique Garza give Sacred a heavy dose of down-home feel.

Francisco H. Ciriza

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