Review of My Year In Lists Single by Los Campesinos

Los Campesinos!
My Year In Lists
Single Review

Los Campesinos My Year In Lists Single

For a band who seem to have split the masses pretty much in half in terms of whether their merits are to be appreciated or deplored, Los Campesinos! certainly have a knack of being able to churn out such charming singles with the greatest of ease.

‘My Year In Lists’, although not quite in the same bracket as some of its predecessors in terms of complicated instrumentation a la ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ or incessantly flowing dual harmonies between boy-girl vocalists Gareth and Alex, is nevertheless a 45 that fits the old school bracket of single cuts perfectly, going straight for the jugular in around a minute-and-three-quarters flat.

More to the point, and something that undoubtedly adds greater appeal to its makers, ‘My Year In Lists’ doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is not to undermine Los Campesinos! musical ability in any shape or form, but at least keeps them away from chinstrokers’ corner just yet.

Backed by covers of three of their favourite songs – Bikini Kill’s ‘In Accordance To Natural Law’ being the most impressively shambolic – ‘My Year In Lists’ should finally see Los Campesinos! receive the recognition both critically and commercially their hard-earned toils deserve.


Dom Gourlay

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