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Los Campesinos!
Hold On Now, Youngster
Album Review

Los Campesinos Hold On Now, Youngster Album

If three is a crowd and two is company, what they hell is seven?? Yes seven band members are what make up Los Campesinos! Aleksandra, Ellen, Gareth, Harriet, Neil, Ollie and Tom. Naturally this means that this band are not just going to contain a guitar, bass and drums, oh no they have a little bit more to offer. They range from a Glockenspiel, to a violin, to a melody horn and (my favourite) hands (that's clapping to you and me). Undoubtedly that means that your ears won't know what has hit them once this lot get going and they have only just started.

'Hold On Now, Youngster' is the debut album to come from Los Campesinos! Which by there own description of the album, "its just pop music" The reality of this album is that it is filled with music and melody assaults again and again and again.

There is no messing as they hit you with 'Death To Los Campesinos!' which is a highly addictive, sing a long piece of music. It is madness but pure genius at the same time. The thing is that, that is the trend throughout the whole album and if that is what is meant by "its just pop music" then why has no one else twigged on doing music like this? Naturally for those that have seen these guys and gals over the last year you will be pleased to know that tracks such as 'You! Me! Dancing!' And 'We Throw Parties You Throw Knives' are on the album.


.At the same time will be disappointed to see that 'It Started With A Mix' is know where to be seen, what's that all about??? Who knows? Luckily though with tunes like 'Don't Tell Me To Do The Math(s)' you forget quite easily what has been left off and eagerly anticipate what has made it on the album. One of the most bizarre things about this album is that Gareth's vocals are more like he is yelping, but with the duel vocals with Aleksandra and everything on going on around it all falls into place and the yelping seems to mould in perfectly.

Now although it says on the track list that there are eleven tracks, let your CD play on. There is a little hidden surprise, yes a hidden track. What it is called is a mystery but it is always nice to find these hidden tracks. Not a lot of vocals, but the band show what they can do with their instruments; it is like a bit of a jamming session. Fantastic!

If you want to experience something different, something that every time you listen again you hear something that you missed the last time around, well then Los Campesinos are the band for you. There is something pure yet at the same time very dark about this record. It is how do you English say? Intriguing.

Mark Moore

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