Review of Dish It Up Album by Los Albertos

Review of Los Albertos album Dish It Up.

Los Albertos Dish It Up Album

Hell yeah, this is music that'll make you want to shake your toosh. If these Ska-tter brained loonies had their way, you'd be dancing until your feet turned black and fell off. The 6 bodied Brighton based beast that is Los Albertos have been gathering steam since 2002 and with two other albums 'Information Overload' and 'Los Bop' under their belt they are now generating more energy than a fusion reactor. Their uniquely jaunty brand of English born Ska /punk /funk will blow you away.

The lyrics encompass most of the things that the average festival going, psychedelic party animal will encounter on a regular basis, from calling in sick, lounging on the beach, losing your job and spending too much time in the pub to begging for a quid or two from the local loan shark. These bizarre 'Bill Bailey-esk' lyrics are set to a frantic bass line and tremulous trumpeteering that'll have you bopping along in your own wee world with a smirk upon your chops.

The manic ska mayhem is skilfully broken up with some finger licking guitar and drums on the semi-title track 'Dish it out' and as the album steams ahead the last few songs bring you down without loosing the consistently funk-filled vibe; a satisfying end to 52 minutes well spent.

Rating 7/10

Rory Taylor

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