'Marco Polo' is set to take fans on more huge adventures as the second series of the Netflix Original Series is announced barely a month since the first season premiere. A whole ten episodes will be unveiled following this legendary Italian explorer.

Benedict Wong, Lorenzo Richelmy, Zhu Zhu and others in 'Marco Polo'
'Marco Polo' returns for 10 more episodes

Based on the real life 12th century Venetian traveller, 'Marco Polo' aired on Netflix on December 12th 2014 to much appreciation. Starring Lorenzo Richelmy as the title character, it followed his early life as part of Kublai Khan's court; Mongolia's fifth Khagan and the founder of the Yuan dynasty. It marks Richelmy's first major non-Italian acting stint having previously been known for such films as 'Il Terzo Tempo' and 'Sotto Una Buona Stella'. 

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The end of last series saw Marco Polo eventually freed from imprisonment and working on some new weapon builds for Khan, ahead of his assault on the Chinese dynasty. Meanwhile, his love for the Blue Princess grows, though their secret affair becomes strained by Marco's determination to charge into battle and win this war for Khan, believing his life would be made so much easier. Things don't end as easily as that though (hence the announcement of a second series!).

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At the helm of the series is John Fusco, whose previous works include 'Young Guns II' and 'The Forbidden Kingdom'. And now he's bringing a whole new series of vengeance, war, sex and avarice - not to mention antics from Marco and his awesome martial arts teacher Hundred Eyes. Fusco also acts as the show's executive producer alongside Tim Coddington, Brett Conrad and Robyn-Alain Feldman.

Details of the 'Marco Polo' series air date is yet to be announced.