In a recent episode of the outrageous television series 'South Park', the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone turned their sights on the 17-year-old New Zealand singer, Lorde. During a two-episode arc, it was revealed the Lorde was, in fact, 45-year-old geologist named Randy Marsh who also served as the father for the show's main character.

Lorde has joined the ranks of many celebrities parodied by South Park

Lorde is the most recent of many celebrities to be parodied in 'South Park'. In the past, the show has included caricatures of Mel Gibson, James Cameron, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson taking on stupid and often offensive roles. One example is the episode 'Trapped in the Closet', in which Tom Cruise hides in a closet and refuses to leave for the entire episode.

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Despite this, Lorde has taken the episode's release remarkably well, and even took to Instagram to boast about it, despite acknowledging she doesn't really watch the show. Lorde posted a clip from the show, stating that: "this is actually surprisingly cute - and from what i can tell also has a message of transgender acceptance (i'm still very new with this type of humour so i'm not sure if was actually genuine but it seemed so to me)".

This was accompanied by a second clip, with the caption "well s**t this is downright sweet. take that haters i got a south park episode". Lorde also boasted on her Twitter account, stating "i have officially been the subject of 2 south park episodes and that is weird and cool". That said, it can be far easier to laugh along if you haven't seen the joke people are making about you, as she also stated on Twitter "i don't actually watch south park but from what i can tell sia was involved and someone's mum said something really nice about me.. score!"


well shit this is downright sweet. take that haters i got a south park episode ☺️☺️☺️

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