Lorde was in a rock band in school.

The 'Green Light' hitmaker has revealed she started her music career as part of a band called Extreme when she was 12-years-old but admits they didn't make it very far.

She told Radio X: ''I mean, because I started all of this when I was like 14,15 so I didn't have a lot of gig history before that. But I was in a band when I was like at school called Extreme. It was a rock band.

''We were the 12 year old version of extreme. There were a lot of bad moves. There was a lot of getting people to clap. I distinctly remember thinking, 'I am not cool in this moment. This is not a cool year for me.' There is a touch of footage online. If you'd like a laugh, it's quite funny.''

Meanwhile, Lorde previously admitted she finds it ''embarrassing'' playing her music to her friends.

She said: ''It's embarrassing. 'Listen to this thing I've made!' There's never a perfect moment to transition to your own music in a social situation.

''It's more awkward for me because I think everything I do is terrible, I'm so self-deprecating. I love it, but it takes me a second to get there.''

And the 20-year-old singer also revealed it took her a ''while'' to get her upcoming album right.

She shared: ''A lot of the music on the radio is very chill these days. It's very cool to be chill. I was quite chill, 'Royals' was quite slow, but I didn't feel like being chill. I felt like being a psycho and just bursting back, like here it is. Deal with it ...

''It did take me a while to get [my album] right. You have an idea of what an album will be at the start but when you look back, it's very, very different.''