Lorde has heaped praise on Charli XCX's "grit and grace".

The 'Green Light' hitmaker gave a shout-out to her friend on Thursday (06.06.24), a day ahead of the release of her highly-anticipated new album 'Brat' and admitted it was an "honour" to have been left so "moved" by the record.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: ”Charli just cooked this one different.

"So much grit, grace and skin in the game. I speak for all of us when I say it’s an honour to be moved, changed and gagged by her work. There is NO ONE like this b****.

"Brava and welcome Brat.(sic)"

Charli recently explained she hasn't tried to chase chart success with the record because she wanted to stay “true to [her]self”.

During an interview with British GQ, she said: “I’m constantly going back and forth in my conflict around fame and what constitutes success.

“This new music is not going to be played in Starbucks. It’s not going to be played on the Zen Morning playlist.

“It’s pop music and I’m being true to myself.

“But I also know that if I chose a slightly different, maybe more palatable path, I do have the skills as a songwriter to write big Top 40 pop hits."

The ‘I Love It’ hitmaker added that her fans would know she was being "inauthentic" if she focused on commercial success.

She said: “Sometimes I tempt myself with going there, but I think the problem is my fanbase knows that that’s not who I am, so they kind of smell a rat, and they’re like, ‘This is inauthentic.’

"But I think that sometimes puts me in this position where the masses are like, ‘What the f*** is this?’” 

Charli also knows that reaching the top of the charts would not bring her any happiness.

She explained: “I would in no way be as happy, creatively satisfied or, honestly, as good as some of the people who are operating on a hugely commercial level, because maybe I’m just not built for it.”