Lorde came over all Miss Havisham in her performance for her latest song 'Liability' on 'Saturday Night Live'. The singer is promoting her forthcoming second album 'Melodrama', which is set for release this summer, and gave two live performances on TV over the weekend.

LordeLorde performs 'Liability' on Saturday Night Live

During her performance, she sat back to back with her collaborator Jack Antonoff who was on piano, and she was dressed in a loose white ensemble of a shirt and pants with a ragged looking veil pulled up over her head. She reminded one of the jilted bride Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations' as she grimaced her way through the lyrics about eternal loneliness.

'This feeling will stay with me for a long time, sitting back to back with my dearest friend on that very important stage', she wrote on Instagram.

On a livelier note, though not altogether more cheerful, she wore high-waisted black slacks and a glittering, clingy top for her performance of her new single 'Green Light'; a song which has topped charts in her home country of New Zealand.

'I remember being in a big beautiful verdant studio in LA with Jack and those falling chords sounding like the music I grew up on', she explained about 'Liability' on Twitter upon the song's release last week. Jack truly pushed me to a place I'd never been with this album I couldn't love him more for it. 

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'This song freaked and grossed me out at first and I remember my synesthesia was really blaring in the session, this swirling combo of high school and recent and private and public memories felt like when I walk down the hall kind of drunk at a party and shut myself in a bedroom to mumble something happy or sad into my phone.'

'Melodrama' is set for release on June 16th 2017 through Republic Records.