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Lorde And Jack Antonoff Both 'love' Pop Music

Lorde Jack Antonoff

Lorde and Jack Antonoff both ''love pop songs''.

The 33-year-old musician has joined forces with the brunette beauty on her 'Don't Take The Money' single, as well as other tracks on her recent album, and Antonoff - who is also known as AKA Bleachers - believes the pair get on well because they share a similar interest in music.

Speaking about the 20-year-old powerhouse in NME magazine, he said: ''Well, everybody differs because everybody has something they want to say and a different space they want to occupy.

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Lorde's School Rock Band


Lorde was in a rock band in school.

The 'Green Light' hitmaker has revealed she started her music career as part of a band called Extreme when she was 12-years-old but admits they didn't make it very far.

She told Radio X: ''I mean, because I started all of this when I was like 14,15 so I didn't have a lot of gig history before that. But I was in a band when I was like at school called Extreme. It was a rock band.

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Lorde Is Finally Back With Her First Single In Three Years 'Green Light'


Three years after she released her last single, Lorde has returned with a brand new original tune entitled 'Green Light'. It's the first song from her long-anticipated second album, and explores what has been a whirlwind last couple of years for the superstar.

LordeLorde unveils new song 'Green Light'

Co-written and co-produced by Jack Antonoff, the song and much of the album was recorded at his home studio in Brooklyn. 'Green Light' is largely based on a relationship breakdown, but Lorde doesn't want people to think of it as a regular break-up song.

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Taylor Swift's Party For Lorde Is Ultimate Squad Goals

Lorde Taylor Swift

Squad goals, indeed! Lorde received pretty much the best 20th birthday party ever when pal Taylor Swift decided to take it upon herself to organise it. In fact, we'd say this almost beats Kendall Jenner's 21st. Almost; I mean, we're still reeling from the fact a stranger gave Kendall a Rolls Royce.

LordeLorde turns 20 in style

The 'Team' singer turned 20 on Monday (November 7th 2016) and to celebrate, Taylor took her to Carbone (or ZZ's Clam Bar, reports are vague) in New York City to eat and party. Guests included the likes of Aziz Ansari, Lena Dunham, Tavi Gevinson, Jack Antonoff and Mae Whitman while celebrations included balloons, party hats, cake - the whole shebang.

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David Bowie Named Lorde The 'Future Of Music'

David Bowie Lorde

David Bowie had plenty of opinions about modern pop music, not least that he had the deepest respect for 'Royals' hitmaker Lorde who performed a tribute to him at the 2016 Brit Awards; in fact, he thought she was 'the future' according to his longtime pianist Mike Garson.

David BowieDavid Bowie was a Lorde fan

The feminist singer has become somewhat of a role model for young women everywhere, though her powerful image and unique vocals haven't gone unnoticed from the older generation. During a live conversation with fans on his Periscope Q&A session, Mike Garson revealed that David Bowie was a huge fan of Lorde.

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David Bowie's Son Praises Brit Awards Tribute

David Bowie Duncan Jones Lorde Gary Oldman Annie Lennox Brit Awards

David Bowie’s son has praised the Brit Awards tribute to his father’s influence carried out by Gary Oldman and Lorde last night.

The 2016 Brit Awards, held at London’s O2 Arena on Wednesday night, saw the late pop legend honoured with a Brits Icon Award presented by Oldman, followed by a performance of ‘Life On Mars?’ which saw Lorde supported by Bowie’s backing band. Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox presented the award near the end of the evening, which Bowie’s friend Oldman accepted on his behalf.

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Adele Sweeps Brit Awards With Four Victories

Brit Awards Adele Coldplay One Direction Justin Bieber Catfish And The Bottlemen Bjork Tame Impala David Bowie Lorde

Adele dominated at this year’s Brit Awards, taking home four of the biggest awards of the night in addition to her show-stopping performance of new single ‘When We Were Young’ at the end of the evening.

The 27 year old Tottenham-born singer was named best British Female Solo Artist at the start of the ceremony, and her night only got better from that point onwards, as she also netted the Global Success Award, best British Single for ‘Hello’ and the evening’s most prestigious prize, best British Album for 25.

Adele’s acceptance speeches were among the viral moments of the evening, as she became increasingly lost for words as the evening went on. “To come back after so long away and be so warmly received means so much,” she said, “I got really lost for a while and I didn't know if I'd ever come back. For you all to be so kind to me is so nice.”

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Taylor Swift, "Stuck" On Stage, Laughs Off Incident & Continues Performing

Taylor Swift Lorde

Taylor Swift kept calm despite being ‘stuck’, many feet above the floor, on a moveable prop. The 25-year-old ‘Bad Blood’ singer was performing on her 1989 tour in Washington D.C. on Monday (13th July) when a moveable platform she as standing on froze and she was left stranded in the air. The professional as always, Swift laughed the incident off and continued performing despite the unusual situation.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift performing on her 1989 tour in Glasgow.

Read More: Jennifer Lawrence Calls Friend Taylor Swift A 'Badass Bitch' For Standing Up To Apple Music.

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Lorde: 'Take That Haters; I Got A 'South Park' Episode'


In a recent episode of the outrageous television series 'South Park', the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone turned their sights on the 17-year-old New Zealand singer, Lorde. During a two-episode arc, it was revealed the Lorde was, in fact, 45-year-old geologist named Randy Marsh who also served as the father for the show's main character.

Lorde has joined the ranks of many celebrities parodied by South Park

Lorde is the most recent of many celebrities to be parodied in 'South Park'. In the past, the show has included caricatures of Mel Gibson, James Cameron, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson taking on stupid and often offensive roles. One example is the episode 'Trapped in the Closet', in which Tom Cruise hides in a closet and refuses to leave for the entire episode.

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Results For MTV VMAs See Miley Cyrus And Beyonce As The Primary Winners

Miley Cyrus Beyonce Knowles Lorde Drake Ed Sheeran 5 Seconds of Summer Fifth Harmony

The results for MTV's Video Music Awards are in, with a mixture of the surprising and the obvious. Perhaps the two most important awards of the night, 'Video of the Year' and the 'Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award', also came with the most touching responses from the winners.

Beyonce at the MTV VMAs 2014
Beyonce won the 'Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award', as well as 'Best Collaboration' with husband, Jay Z.

Miley Cyrus came away with the most obviously big award of the evening - the Video of the Year award. She won it for the song 'Wrecking Ball', beating Beyonce ft. Jay Z's 'Drunk In Love' and Pharrell Williams' 'Happy'. She then went on to give her acceptance speech to a young homeless man named Jesse. He delivered a heart-felt message about the troubles of homeless youths currently living in the US. 

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Lorde's Parents Are Finally Engaged After 30 Year Relationship


The parents of New Zealand's teenage star, Lorde, are finally engaged.

Only one year after the 17 year-old star bust onto the music scene with the chart-topping hit 'Royals,' their family is celebrating again.

After being together for 30 years, Lorde's mother and father are finally set to walk down the aisle.

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Lily Allen Unleashes "Sheezus" Music Video, And A Wave Of Confusion On The World

Lily Allen Rihanna Katy Perry Lorde Beyonce Knowles

Lily Allen really wants you to know she’s over pop culture – or some parts of it anyway. In her new single and video, Sheezus, she name checks everyone from Lorde to Beyonce and even seems to be referencing Kanye West. Allen’s digs at her fellow pop stars are harmless enough – “RiRi isn’t scared of Katy Perry’s roaring, Queen B’s gone back to the drawing/ Lorde smells blood, yeah, she’s about to slay you...” and it goes on along those lines for a couple of choruses. The theme seems to be “battle of the divas”, where Allen declares “Second best will never cut it for the divas/Give me the crown, b****, I wanna be Sheezus” like some technicolor female version of Kendrick Lamar.

Lily Allen
Like so many before her, Lily Allen is "coming for the throne."

The song has a heavier bass line than we’re used to hearing from the typically poppy Allen, but the lyrics are pretty catchy. Thankfully it’s lighter on the AutoTune than her last few singles.

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A Week In News: Peaches Passes, 'Captain America' Crushes Competition, Rockers Roll Into The History Books

Peaches Geldof Mickey Rooney Nirvana Joan Jett Bob Geldof Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson Lorde Kiss Peter Gabriel Dave Grohl David Letterman Stephen Colbert Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Peaches Geldof

"#RIPPeaches": So went the hashtag that thousands of Twitter users used to pay tribute to the late Peaches Geldof, who was found dead in her Kent home on Monday with her baby son playing nearby. It's still not known how the 25 year-old mother-of-two suddenly passed away but her distraught family, including father Bob Geldof, have been given the body to plan a funeral whilst the toxicology test results come back. The Boomtown Rats star also lead the tributes to his "beautiful" daughter - read herePeaches Geldof: 1989 - 2014.

Farewell Mickey Rooney: Screen legend and former child star Mickey Rooney passed away last Sunday at home in California after a long illness. Known for his unforgettable roles in Night at the Museum, Breakfast at Tiffany's and National Velvet, the 93 year-old was still making plans to appear in more movies and lived up to his positive "Don't retire - inspire" mantra. An ugly dispute over Rooney's burial and will has erupted since the death but will hopefully soon be calmed so that Hollywood can honour one of its most prolific figures. Read our obituary hereMickey Rooney: 1920 - 2014.

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Emma Watson, Lorde, Lena Dunham: The New Young Female Role Models

Emma Watson Lorde Lena Dunham

Female celebrities can’t escape the title of ‘feminist’ or ‘role model’ these days, but it is a fact that they have a lot of influence. Whether they notice it or not, young women absorb the media’s portrayal of celebs, who seem rarely aware of how much power they yield. A passing quote can be empowering or confidence destroying, inspiring or totally disparaging.

emma watson role model Emma Watson wants her young female fans to know that it takes work to look 'perfect'

Kate Moss is a prime example of this. Moss famously remarked “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, which has become a mantra to weight-obsessive girls who see it as justification for eating very little to remain thin. Fortunately, the younger generation of celebrities recognise their influence over young fans, perhaps because they themselves have grown up in a society with poor female role models, excessive photoshopping and unrealistic body image.

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Lorde: Fashion's New Royalty?


In the past few months our ears and eyes haven’t been able to escape 17 year old New Zealand singer Lorde, the ‘Royals’ songstress is everywhere and picking up her fair share of awards along the way. Along with being recognised for her sound there's also her unique style that's been getting attention. Actually, her place among the current style icons was cemented on Tuesday when her collaboration with MAC cosmetics was announced. So what is it that’s making the teenaged singer fashion’s new pop star royalty?

Lorde at the GrammysBlack dress, dark lipstick, big hair, it's the Lorde look

Since the release of her debut album ‘Heroine’ back in September, Lorde has firmly put herself at the front of our musical consciousness in 2014. Ella Yelich-O’Connor, as her family knows her, has so far won two Grammys, a MTV Europe music award and a Brit award for international solo female artist. All this she’s done whilst showing off her deeply individual style, which gives more than a few nods to gothic-chic.

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Beyonce Confirmed For BRIT Awards Surprise, Performing New Live Track

Beyonce Knowles Katy Perry Lorde Prince James Corden Pharrell Williams

Beyoncé is to perform during tonight's BRIT Awards ceremony in London, according to the award show's host, James Corden. The R&B singer has been announced as the evening's surprise act after a week of rumours. What's more, the US mega-star will apparently be playing a song that she has never played live before.

Beyoncé Will Perform At Tonight's BRIT Awards!

Speaking today on Radio 2, Corden said it was finally time to spill the beans. "There's this weird thing with this year's Brits where I've been - more than any other year - told things I can't say. "But I figure it's the day," the comedian said before making the grand announcement: "Beyonce. Beyonce is performing tonight. She's performing a track she has never ever performed live before. Ever," via The Independent.

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Tonight's BRIT Awards Preview: Who's Performing, Who's Up For A Prize?

Arctic Monkeys Lorde Katy Perry David Bowie Haim Disclosure Bastille Tom Odell Ellie Goulding

All set for the BRIT Awards this evening? Indeed, Britain's biggest night of music awards will take place today and we're feeling pretty excited for the ceremony, which is set to be as spectacular as ever. Of course, if it was purely based on sales, most of the awards would go to One Direction, who have sold 3.19 million albums in the past year. Luckily that's not the case and the awards look set to be handed out to a diverse range of acts who've made their mark on music this year.

Katy Perry
Nominated 'International Female Solo Artist' Will Be Bringing Her Pop Hits To Tonight's Ceremony.

This year's musical entertainment will be provided by Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Ellie Goulding Arctic Monkeys, Rudimental, Bruno Mars, Bastille, and Lorde but a rumour has arisen that Prince may make a surprise performance with his band, 3rdEyeGirl. The funk singer has been delighting Londoners with surprise gigs over the past week so it's highly plausible that he'll make the BRIT Awards his final London date.

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OutKast, Muse And Arcade Fire To Headline Coachella 2014

Coachella Outkast Muse Arcade Fire Beck The Replacements The Knife Haim Ellie Goulding Queens Of The Stone Age Skrillex Pharrell Williams Lorde Foster The People Pet Shop Boys Calvin Harris Neutral Milk Hotel Disclosure

Coachella 2014 will be returning to Indio, California, this spring for a two-weekend spectacular that will see some of the world's biggest performers gather in one polo field in the middle of the desert. This week the full line-up for the latest incarnation of the ever-popular festival was announced, with the bill yet another feast for the eyes (and eventually the ears too).

Big BoiAndre 3000
Big Boi and Andre 3000 will reunited for the headline performance

Eight years since their last album and eventual hiatus, Outkast will reform to headline the first day of the festival, which will kick start on the weekend of 11-13 April. The Grammy-winning hip-hop duo will be joined on the first day by fellow returnees The Knife, who released their first album in seven years - the acclaimed Shaking the Habitual - in 2013 and The Replacements, who reformed in 2012. Ellie Goulding, Chromeo, Haim, A$AP Ferg, Bryan Ferry, DJ Falcon and many others will also appear on the first day.

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Jay Z And Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Lead The Grammy Nominations, But There's Little Love For Justin Timberlake And Kanye West

Jay Z Macklemore Justin Timberlake Kanye West Daft Punk Kendrick Lamar Taylor Swift Robin Thicke Bruno Mars Lorde Imagine Dragons Drake Eminem

The nominees for the 2014 Grammy Awards have been announced and after a year when hip-hop comebacks and newcomers have dominated the music scene, it is rap that leads the way in the Grammy nominations for next year. Jay-Z leads the nominations with nine nods in total, followed closely by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Kendrick Lamar, both of which have seven nominations each.

Jay-Z and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are among the most celebrated artists this year

It isn't just hip-hop being honoured at the awards show, as the two most coveted categories: Record of the Year and Album of the Year, only have two rap representatives in them (three if you count T.I.'s verse on 'Blurred Lines,' which is up for Record of the Year), with Good Kid, M.A.A.D City by Kendrick and The Heist by Macklemore both up for Album of the Year. Daft Punk are up for both categories, with 'Get Lucky' and their album Random Access Memories earning recognition from the Grammy committee. The Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles and Red by Taylor Swift make up the rest of the album list and 'Blurred Lines,' 'Locked Out of Heaven' by Bruno Mars, 'Royals' by Lorde and 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons completing the Record of the Year category.

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Lorde To Perform At Grammy Nominations Show, But Will She Win In 2014?

Lorde Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards are now only a few months away, and we will find out Friday (December 6) who could be taking home the gold. If the nominations concert is any indication, this year's award show will be full of a variety of different genres, and artists new and old.

LordeLorde Will Be At The Grammy Award Nominations Show

Seventeen-year-old Lorde, who had the surprise breakthrough hit of the year with 'Royals', will be performing at the the Grammy Nominations Concert Live!! - Countdown to Music's Biggest Night, which be held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live.

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Lorde To Perform At The Grammy Nominations Special Concert


New Zealand born Lorde is having a breakout year in 2013 and it just keeps getting better and better.

The 17 year-old will perform at the Grammy Awards nominations special on Friday (Dec 6th) in Los Angeles.

The one-off show is been dubbed 'Grammy Nominations Concert Live - Countdown to Music's Biggest Night', and Lorde will have all eyes on her.

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Lorde - Royals Single Review

Lorde (real name Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor according to Wikipedia - wow!) has truly stunned me with her debut single 'Royals'. For someone so young (just 16-years-old) she shows a remarkable level of maturity in her music; I know that's an obvious cliché but I don't think it will ever cease to amaze people just how much musical dexterity youngsters seem to have these days.

Lorde - Royals Single Review

This song is taken from her Platinum-certified debut album 'Pure Heroine', which has shot straight to the top of the charts in her home nation New Zealand, and is lyrically very sincere. In the song, she talks about knowing your roots and not caring that you'll never be rolling in the millions with 'jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash' - she knows what she should be aiming for in life.

Lorde's vocals didn't strike a chord with me at first; it feels like ever since Amy Winehouse, God rest her, enchanted the world with her jazz/soul crooning, every female vocalist in the world suddenly has a low-pitched, husky voice with over-emphasised vibrato - Adele, Paloma Faith, Duffy - Lorde is just the latest in that category and, for me, it's getting pretty predicatable. 

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Rihanna Makes UK Chart History As Eminem Collaboration Storms To The No. 1 Spot

Rihanna Elvis Presley Beatles Lorde One Republic Fatboy Slim One Direction

Rihanna made chart history this weekend when her latest collaborative effort with rapper Eminem entered the chart at number one, meaning she's hit the top spot for seven years running, at some point or another. The feat has only ever been matched by The Beatles and Elvis Presley and has etched her into the history books alongside those two recording greats.

'The Monster' - her second number one collaboration with Eminem following their massively successful link up on 2010's 'Love the Way you Lie' - continues a run of form that began in 2007 with 'Umbrella' and it looks as though she could even break the eight year mark.

Rihanna has now had 8 number one singles over a period of 7 consecutive calendar years. But let's put that into perspective: alongside her fellow 'Club 7' record breakers, The Beatles had 17 number one singles in the same period, more than double that of Ri-Ri. She's got a long way to go.

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Katy Perry Debuts At No. 1 On Billboard Album Chart With Highest Sales From A Female Artist In 2013

Katy Perry Miley Cyrus Daft Punk Justin Timberlake Pearl Jam Drake Lorde

Katy Perry is back on top, once again enjoying the view from the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 Chart. Her new album, Prism, isn't just Perry's second number one album though, it also carries the distinction of being the highest selling album of the year, from a female entertainer.

Katy Perry
Perry scored her second number one with Prism

This is according to the result compiled by Nielsen in the week ending Sunday, 27 October, published by Billboard. Perry's immediate success overshadows Miley Cyrus' success with Bangerz, which previous held the top selling female artist distinction. Whilst Bangers scored a cool 270,000 sales at the first attempt at the beginning of the month, Prism managed to sell 286,000 copies in the first week. With 339,000 copies sold in the first week, only Daft Punk's Random Access Memoires has sold more records in it's debut week in 2013, and we still have two months worth of competition to look forward to.

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Is Justin Timberlake The Biggest Pop Star On The Planet?

Justin Timberlake Drake Lorde

Justin Timberlake scored his second No.1 album of the year on Wednesday (October 9, 2012) when it was announced thatThe 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 sold 350,000 copies in its first week. The first instalment sold 968,000 copies, the biggest opening week sales of the year so far.

It's an incredible feat for the 32-year-old, who returned to music after a five-year hiatus during which he turned in some decent movie performances. The albums charting at No.1 is an achievement in itself, though the volume of sales proves both Timberlake's enduring popularity and the healthy nature of the record business. Second place Drake only managed to shift 148,000 copies, while Lorde's debut Pure Heroine moved 129,000. 

Earlier this year, Timberlake had returned with new single Suit & Tie, featuring rapper Jay-Z. It became a chart-topper and The 20/20 Experience was adored by both critics and fans. 

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Justin Timberlake Second No.1 Album Of 2013 With '20/20 Experience 2 Of 2'

Justin Timberlake Drake System Of A Down Lorde

This year, the Justin Timberlake maelstrom of catchy songs, radio-worthy beats and finger-snappin' hits has cleaned up the charts, with a second Number One album, The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2, to accompany March's predecessor, The 20/20 Experience.

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience
JT's Had A Stormer Of A Year.

Two top ten albums less than a year apart would be feat out of the reach of most artists, but Justin has smashed it out of the park, claiming his second No.1 with his freshly released second half of his two-part project.

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Katy Perry Roars On Top Of The Billboard Hot 100, While Lorde And Eminem Slip In Quietly

Katy Perry Robin Thicke Eminem Lorde

Katy Perry’s pop anthem Roar is justifying its name and storming the Billboard chart. The motivational tune, which features lines like: I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire/Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR” really couldn’t have been anything less than a chart topper. Roar has finally dethroned Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines in the Billboard chart and that’s even before the official video for the single has come out, though Perry has already released a trailer. The song is Perry’s eighth number 1 on the Hot 100 list and it concludes Thicke’s record breaking 12-week reign.

Check out Perry's wild teaser for the Roar video below.

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Katy Perry Roars, Lorde Asserts Her Place In The Billboard Digital Songs Chart This Week

Katy Perry Lady GaGa Lorde Jay Z

Katy Perry’s upbeat pump up tune Roar is taking the world, or parts of it anyway. In the week since its release, the single has sold 557.000 digital copies, according to MTV. The sales meant the song is now at the top of the Billboard Digital Songs Chart. Roar turns out to be the fastest seller of Katy Perry’s career, surpassing even her 2010 smash hit Firework, which shifted 509,000 copies in its first week.

Katy Perry, The Smurfs Premiere
Katy Perry returns roaring.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Digital Songs Chart looks pretty familiar – Lady GaGa’s Applause enters at number 3, while Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines at 2, Jay Z’s Holy Grail at 4 and Miley Cyrus still partying it up with with We Can’t Stop at 6, the chart this week also features a fresh addition. 16-year-old New Zealand native Lorde is having a completely different kind of party at Number 10. This is Lorde’s first foray into the Billboard chart, but with clever original lyrics, an interesting voice and a chilled out, relatable image like hers, it it’s likely to be the first of many. With 107,000 digital downloads thus far, the song enters the chart with a bang this week.

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Selena Gomez Sparkles As 'Stars Dance' Tour Kicks Off

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Rihanna Iggy Azalea Lorde

Singer Selena Gomez showed the world just how far away she'd travelled from being a Disney Channel princess by performing the inaugural concert of her 'Stars Dance' tour in Vancouver, Canada. However, the 21 year-old had revealed how nervous she was to be taking to the stage in front of thousands of fans and remember her lyrics as well as those complicated dance moves.

Selena Gomez
Selena Entertained Her Canadian Fans.

Speaking to MTV in the run up to the show, Gomez said "once the first two songs are out of my system, I feel a little bit better, and then I'm able to let loose." That's exactly what Selena did, coming out on stage to tonnes of screaming fans to perform a track from each of her albums, Bang Bang Bang and Round & Round. During the show, she played plenty of her own songs, such as the fan-favourite 'Love You Like A Love Song,' but also covered tracks from Rihanna, Iggy Azalea and Lorde.

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