Lord Of The Rings star Elijah Wood wants movie bosses to cast James McAvoy in the upcoming prequel - because the Scottish actor would be "fantastic" as The Hobbit.
Wood played Frodo Baggins in the fantasy trilogy and work is underway on a new movie about his character's uncle - Bilbo Baggins - based on J.R.R. Tolkien's first book in the series.
And the actor is convinced MCAvoy is the right choice for the role of young Baggins, who was played by veteran actor Ian Holm in the Lord of the Rings films.
He tells MTV.com, "I honestly love the initial rumour from way back when, which was James MCAvoy. I think he would be fantastic. I'm a fan of his work and I think he's the right age and I think that he has a quality to him that could fit quite nicely with what Ian Holm did in the first movie."
And Wood isn't the only star to have linked MCAvoy to The Hobbit - Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe previously insisted the Atonement actor would be his first choice to take the lead role.