Warner Brothers Television are said to be in early talks with Amazon Studios about bringing a live-action 'Lord Of The Rings' series to the streaming platform, based on the J.R.R. Tolkien novel series of the same name. The show would come off the back of the hugely successful film series which snatched 17 Oscars, and the follow-up 'Hobbit' film series which also did incredibly well in the box office. The follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 'Shadow of Mordor' video game was also recently released, with 'Shadow of War' gaining great reviews with the critics.

Ian McKellen starred as the wizard Gandalf in the original film trilogyIan McKellen starred as the wizard Gandalf in the original film trilogy

Reports state that there's no guarantee the show will ever make it to the small screen, but it's clear that the 'Lord of the Rings' franchise is something Warner Bros. are still interested in bringing to life in whatever possible way they can muster up.

There are also no details surrounding the plot that would be followed in the television series, along with any of the characters that may be brought to life once more. It is thought however that an entirely new cast would enter the series, rather than bringing those already established from the world of film to televisions.

Of course, a deal with the Tolkien estate will have to be reached if anything does go ahead, after Warner Bros. and the estate did battle in court for five years, eventually reaching a settlement of $80 million. We imagine more money will have to exchange hands, as the property is worth billions of dollars across the globe, but with Amazon Studios leading the way when it comes to giving the series a home, we think that talks could go well and deals could come to fruition.

The news comes at murky times for Amazon Studios however, as the company's former head Roy Price resigned after allegations of sexual harassment. Head of drama and comedy Joe Lewis was also pushed out of his role after conflict of interest allegations. COO Albert Cheng has taken over Price, with Tal Yguado overseeing drama and comedy, though we imagine those positions are likely to change in the future, as they're said to be serving in them simply on an interim basis.

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We'll bring you more on the 'Lord of the Rings' television series as and when we get it.