Lord Of The Rings stars Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd surprised tourists during a recent visit to New Zealand by serving up drinks at an inn inspired by the popular book series.

The pals spent years in New Zealand filming the blockbuster trilogy, and decided to take a nostalgic trip back to Matamata, where locals have turned the movie set into a Lord of the Rings Mecca.

In an interview on U.S. talk show Big Morning Buzz Live on Monday (24Mar14), Monaghan admitted that he and Boyd decided to take advantage of their visit to the area, now dubbed Hobbiton, to play a trick on unsuspecting tourists.

Monaghan recalled, "We went back to New Zealand and had a great time. They have a legitimate Shire now, with Bag End and the Party Tree and you can go walk around and stuff.

"So we snuck into the Prancing Pony, which is the pub where all the hobbits drink, and we were serving behind the bar. So they like stopped all the tourists from coming in to set us up and then they came in and they were like, 'Wait, how is this working?' and we were like, 'Yeah, we just live here.'"