London Grammar's Hannah Reid says Coldplay are "the reason" she sings.

The 'Strong' hitmakers - also comprising Dominic 'Dot' Major and Dan Rothman - are supporting Chris Martin and co on their world tour, and it's a full-circle moment for the lead singer, who was inspired to take up singing by the 'Paradise' hitmakers.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said of the support shows: "It sounds really cheesy but it really is a dream come true. One of the first CDs I bought was Coldplay when I was 10 years old so my 10-year-old self just can’t believe that we’re getting to support not only the biggest and best band in the world but the band who are probably the reason that I sing. There are obviously lots of singers who have influenced me but I just remember learning some of their songs on the piano and so for me it was like a really big deal."

Not only are they opening for the 'Yellow' hitmakers, but Chris, 45, even invited Hannah on stage to perform their Selena Gomez duet, ‘Let Somebody Go'.

As well as their dates with Coldplay, London Grammar will headline London's South Facing Festival at Crystal Palace on July 29.

And Hannah, 32, revealed that their rider is extremely healthy with no booze or junk food in sight.

She said: "It’s definitely changed over the years. At the start it was crisps and chocolate but quite quickly it got healthier and healthier the older we got. The boys have fruit salad and cereal bars. It’s so boring. It’s pretty simple but we’ve never made it so big that I could demand puppies or something. I wish!"

South Facing takes place between July 29 and August 7, and will also see headline sets from Jungle, Bombay Bicycle Club, Richard Ashcroft and Becky Hill.

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