When 03.10.2012

Logan Lerman from 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' is quizzed in a satellite interview in LA. He talks about what he was like at high school, his first onscreen kiss and current projects.

At school he says that he wouldn't have described himself as a 'wallflower'. 'I had a small group of friends that I was really close with growing up and we all shared the same interests which was music and film', he said. 'We just made short films and that was really our passion.' He also explains that kissing Emma Watson and Ezra Miller in the movie was not actually his first onscreen smooch. 'I remember the first time, that was awkward', he said. 'I was 12 and the girl was like 19.' Logan is currently filming for Biblical biopic 'Noah' with Emma Watson once again and Russell Crowe.


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