Sorry, but Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is a bad film. It’s not our fault; we wanted it to be good, but it’s bad. The reviewers say it’s bad – well most of them do anyway – and now it has a 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which, as you’ve probably guess, is bad.

Leven Rambian and the Percy crewLeven Rambin, Douglas Smith, Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson

The Los Angeles Times at least admit kids will like it: “Tweens and young teens should be sufficiently distracted by the movie's brisk pace and heroic mayhem - if they're not too unnerved by its at times nightmarish imagery,” they say in their review.

The Washington post just feel sorry for Percy Jackson’s fans. “It's a shame that the millions of readers who fell in love with Riordan's classic-meets-contemporary children's stories have been handed such limp adaptations of the material,” they say.

Here's your Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters trailer

USA Today were happy to compare Jackson to his modern-day peer, Harry Potter: “Percy is a lot like a certain bespectacled young wizard - sans the lightning-shaped scar. It's too bad his adventures don't have the same enchanting quality.”

And finally, The A.V club are moaning about the characters: “Characters don't so much have conversations as read Dungeons & Dragons manuals at each other. The whole thing feels like exposition in search of a story.”

So, there you have it: it’s a bad film. But don’t take our word for it. Go, check it out, and then cry because it’s a bad film and you spent your hard-earned bucks on it even though you were warned not to.

Logan LermanLogan Lerman is Percy Jackson