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Indignation Review

Very Good

Philip Roth's layered novels are a challenge for filmmakers (see also 2003's The Human Stain or this year's American Pastoral), but they're so rich and provocative that they can't be ignored. For his directing debut, writer-producer James Schamus (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Brokeback Mountain) adaps this story as a tightly controlled period drama with blackly comical edges and darkly personal emotions.

It's set in 1951 New Jersey, where the young Marcus (Logan Lerman) is preparing to leave home for university in Ohio. His parents (Linda Emond and Danny Burstein) are worried that he will make the same mistakes that are ruining teens' lives across the country at the moment or, even worse, head off to fight in the Korean War. But Marcus is a very serious kid, focussed on making his own decisions about what he wants to do. He certainly wants nothing to do with his crazy roommates (Ben Rosenfield and Philip Ettinger) or the Jewish frat-house, whose leader (Pico Alexander) is desperately trying to recruit him. And then there's the pressure he's getting from the university dean (Tracy Letts). He's much more interested in the enigmatic Olivia (Sarah Gadon), a young woman who constantly surprises him.

Yes, this is essentially a coming-of-age drama about a young man making the shift from his loving family to take control of his own destiny in the big bad world. But it's much more complex than that, as it weaves in political and topical themes. The conversations are riveting, as Marcus' atheistic beliefs provoke everyone he meets. This leads to a stunning centrepiece scene, a blistering 15-minute argument between Marcus and the dean that's like a battlefield set-piece with subtle attacks, bomb blasts and surprising outcomes. Through all of this Schamus maintains the beautifully tailored appearance of the period, when the carefully muted surfaces obscured the churning, world-changing ideas underneath.

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Video - Brad Pitt, Shi Lebouf, Michael Peña And The Stars Of 'Fury' Arrive For The Films New York Premiere - Pt2

The stars of 'Fury' arrived for the New York film premiere to mixed responses from photographers and onlookers. Brad Pitt entered to a tremendous applause and much screaming. Michael Peña and Jon Bernthal both made comparatively modest entrances.

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Fury Trailer

Wardaddy is an army sergeant with years of experience in the horrors and victories of war. He's one of the most effective and most courageous war heroes America has to offer and, now commanding a Sherman tank named Fury with a group of just five soldiers, he must lead his men into a highly risky operation right on their enemies' doorstep. Not only has he and his boys got the threat of serious outnumbering ahead of them, but Wardaddy also has to tutor a terrified new recruit named Norman Ellison, who's less than okay with shooting down hundreds of men in a vehicle he has never used before. It's all about having each other's backs and keeping everyone motivated to keep on fighting, but when a platoon of three-hundred German soldiers strike out, it doesn't look like that will be enough to keep them alive.

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Video - Emma Watson, Logan Lerman And Douglas Booth Arrive At 'Noah' NY Premiere - Part 2

Onscreen siblings Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth were spotted arriving at the premiere of their biblical epic 'Noah' held at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York. Emma stood out in a gorgeous shiny black gown with long sleeves and a trailing hem and Logan was snapped posing alongside the actor who played the younger version of his character, Nolan Gross.

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Brad Pitt & Shia LaBeouf Get Cosy In The Woods On Camping Trip

Brad Pitt Shia LaBeouf David Ayer Logan Lerman

Actors Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf have spent some man-to-man time in an English woodland as a rather unique bonding exercise dreamed up by David Ayer, director of the WWII movie they're currently filming, reveals a source speaking to Us Magazine.

Brad Pitt
Brad & Others Were Left To Fend For Themselves In The English Woods.

The actors were also joined by other members of the Fury cast who will play a close-knot group of soldiers in the upcoming movie, including Logan Lerman, 21, Jon Bernthal, 37, and Kevin Vance. "They play soldiers in the same World War II troop and the director wanted to make sure they bonded. So he dropped them in the wilderness - without their cellphones!" said the source.

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'Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters': Take A Sneak Peek Into The New Fantastical Adventure [Clips]

Logan Lerman Nathan Fillion Alexandra Daddario Stanley Tucci Missi Pyle

Get ready for the new installation of the magic and adventure of Percy Jackson & The Olympians series, the brand new fantasy spectacle that's about to propel its way into cinemas across the world.

Percy Jackson Cast

Percy (Logan Lerman) is the son of Poseidon and uses his special abilities for quick thinking, unpredictable fighting style and water skills such as ability to breathe underwater to good use in the upcoming movie, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

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Stuck In Love Review


Far too tidy to be believable, this multi-strand romance holds our attention with a warmly comical tone and a watchable cast. But it's only entertaining as a bit of escapism, because the various relational entanglements are far too contrived for us to identify with them. A looser, messier approach would have made it a lot more involving.

The action takes place over the course of a year. Bill (Kinnear) is a noted novelist who stopped writing when his marriage to Erica (Connelly) ended. Even though she's now married to a fitness instructor (Joiner), Bill is waiting for her to come back to him. Although he's engaging in a mindless fling with a married neighbour (Bell) in the mean time. Bill and Erica's daughter Samantha (Collins) has just published her first novel, but has sworn off romance. Then she meets the persistent nice-guy Lou (Lerman). Meanwhile, her teen brother Rusty (Wolff) is finally working up the nerve to speak to his crush Kate (Liberato), who has both a cocaine problem and a bully (Schwarzenegger) of a boyfriend.

Writer-director Boone lets each character introduce themselves with the first line from the book of their life, and the litrary theme continues in almost every scene as they continually discuss their writings and their favourite books. Very quickly, this begins to get on our nerves, as if Boone is reminding us that nothing we're watching is actually happening: it's carefully orchestrated fiction that draws on real-life emotions to tell a series of implausible love stories. Aside from Kinnear and Connelly, who are strong enough actors to convince us of almost anything, none of the interaction feels remotely realistic. 

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A Week In Movies: Max Irons And Jake Abel Talk The Host While Percy Jackson, 2 Guns And We Steal Secrets Trailers Hit The Web

Tom Cruise Robert Downey Jr Danny Boyle James Franco Max Irons Jake Abel Logan Lerman Brandon T. Jackson Alexandra Daddario

It's a relatively quiet week for the movies, with no major releases this week as everyone braces for the true launch of the summer blockbuster season with Tom Cruise sci-fi action Oblivion on 12th April, followed two weeks later by Robert Downey Jr's return for Iron Man 3. There won't be another quiet week until September, basically.

So in cinemas this week, the US and UK swap releases: American audiences will get their chance to see James McAvoy in Danny Boyle's sleek hypnosis thriller Trance, which is No 3 on the UK box office chart. While British cinemas will get a look at James Franco's scene-stealing wannabe rapper-gangster in Spring Breakers, which currently sits at No 9 on the US chart.

While out promoting last week's rather quietly released sci-fi adventure The Host, costars Max Irons and Jake Abel chatted about the on-set pranks between the co-stars, showing a considerable gift for improvised banter. They look a bit punchy after sitting in these seats answering questions for hours on end, but after lots of joking around, they eventually get to talking about the film. 

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'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea Of Monsters' Welcomes New Cast Ensemble Plus The Return Of 'Lightning Thief Favourites' (Pictures And Trailer)

Logan Lerman Alexandra Daddario Douglas Smith Leven Rambin Jake Abel Brandon T. Jackson Nathan Fillion Stanley Tucci Anthony Head

Brandon T. Jackson as Grover Underwood, Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson and Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersBrandon T. Jackson as Grover Underwood, Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson and Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase
in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea of Monsters

The trailer for the second instalment of the Percy Jackson series 'The Sea of Monsters' is finally here welcoming the return of four members of 'The Lightning Thief's all-star cast along with some exciting new additions.

Following a pretty harrowing school year in discovering that his father is the Greek god Poseidon in 'Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief', Percy Jackson's ordeal is nowhere near over. In the words of Spider-Man, 'With great power comes great responsibility' and that certainly applies here as now the new Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters trailer shows that Percy is forced to defend his half-god friends and family from the destructive forces of  Kronos; a force so evil his sons Zeus, Hades and Poseidon had him destroyed. With his dark spirit now a threat to the world, Percy must recover the Golden Fleece; the only object that can save the world and which is located in the unambiguously named Sea of Monsters. Returning to join him on his quest is his good friend Annabeth Chase played by Alexandra Daddario plus new additions in the shape Douglas Smith as his half-brother Tyson and Leven Rambin, who plays the feisty Clarisse, daughter of the God of War. Logan Lerman makes his return as Percy and Jake Abel is back as the double-crossing son of Hermes, Luke. We also see Brandon T. Jackson back as Percy's best friend Grover Underwood, who's less than happy about Percy's dangerous mission.

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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea Of Monsters Trailer

If Percy Jackson's life hadn't already become chaotic enough already what with discovering that he's the demi-god son of Poseidon and that his friends are all children of Olympus, it's about to get even more out of control as his safe haven Camp Half-Blood suddenly comes under attack from some deadly foes hell bent on revenge. To save his kind, he must find the Golden Fleece in order to defeat the reawakened spirit of Kronos; the father of Hades, Zeus and Poseidon all of whom destroyed him many years ago. The Fleece can be found in the tumultuous waters of the Sea of Monsters, located in the Bermuda Triangle. To get hold of it, Percy must band together with the daughter of the God of War, Clarisse La Rue; his half-brother Tyson; and his other trusted friend Annabeth Chase. However, the journey doesn't bode to be easy and they discover just why the Sea of Monsters is named thus.

'Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea Of Monsters' is the sequel to the 2010 movie 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief'; both based on the fantasy book series written by Rick Riordan. It has been directed by Thor Freudenthal ('Diary of a Wimpy Kid', 'Hotel for Dogs') and with several screenwriters: Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski ('Ed Wood', 'Agent Cody Banks'), and Marc Guggenheim ('Green Lantern', 'Arrow'). It is due to theaters from August 16th 2013.

Logan Lerman - Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters Video Interview - Click here to Watch

Stuck In Love Trailer

William Borgens was once a highly regarded novelist, however after a heart-breaking divorce with his wife Erica who left him for a younger, more handsome man, he hasn't been able to write a single word. He just spends his days thinking about the time they had together and spying on them through their windows. His pretty friend-with-benefits, Tricia, who is also divorced, does her best with her sometimes overly honest opinions to force him to get back to dating. Meanwhile, his promiscuous and cynical daughter Samantha is having her first book published while struggling to come to terms with the idea of love and still refusing to speak to her mother after she left her father, and his son Rusty, who is also an aspiring writer, tries to show one troubled and vulnerable girl that he is the guy for her.

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Video - Logan Lerman: Emma Watson Wasn't My First Onscreen Kiss

Logan Lerman from 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' is quizzed in a satellite interview in LA. He talks about what he was like at high school, his first onscreen kiss and current projects.

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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Review


Spikier than the average coming-of-age movie, this astute comedy-drama is packed with memorable characters and resonant situations. It's also strikingly intelligent, refusing to accept Hollywood's fake moralising as it grapples with big issues from mental health to bullying. And even better, it's funny and sexy.

Set in the early 1990s, it's the story of the painfully shy Charlie (Lerman), who plans to blend into the background as he starts high school. Scarred by an emotional event in his past, the only new friend he makes is his English teacher (Rudd). Then his sharp wit is spotted by the colourful Patrick (Miller), an anarchic gay teen who doesn't care what people think. Patrick also has a sexy stepsister, Sam (Watson), who takes a liking to Charlie as well, and soon they become inseparable friends. Well, until Charlie loses his nerve to ask Sam out and ends up in a relationship with her friend Mary Elizabeth (Whitman) instead.

After some less-than-thrilling lead roles (such as Percy Jackson or last year's Three Musketeers remake), Lerman finally comes into his own here with a sensitive, intelligent performance that's nicely underplayed. He also has terrific chemistry with Watson and Miller, whose feisty, hilarious love of life fills every scene they're in. They make such a strong trio that we are deeply moved by each rocky shift in their friendship. And Whitman brings a sparky energy to her scenes as the Buddhist punk with a bracingly honest approach to whatever happens.

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'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' Sees Emma Watson And Cast Blossom

Emma Watson Logan Lerman Ezra Miller

Emma Watson looks like she's firmly moved on from Harry Potter if new reviews of her latest film The Perks Of Being A Wallflower are anything to go by. The film comes out worldwide on October 3, 2012 and is a vintage tale of growing up and learning to deal with new emotions in love and loss, fear and hope and friendship. That might sound corny, but the critics are getting behind it in their numbers, meaning that it looks like it'll do well come release at the box office.

However, not all the plaudits are going Watson's way; The New York Times comments "Likable, unsurprising and principally a showcase for the pretty young cast, notably Mr. Miller, who brings texture to his witty if sensitive gay quipster." Rolling Stone meanwhile adds: "Perks deserves points for going beyond the typical coming-of-age drivel aimed at teens. Logan Lerman excels as Charlie and Emma Watson makes a dream girl to die for, but the movie is stolen, head to tail, by Ezra Miller."

Not everyone is convinced; Time writes "It's all frightfully familiar - as if teens sitting around the campfire need to be told the same story every night - until the last 15 mins., when this Cocoa Puffs movie reveals an underlayer of arsenic." However that argument is balanced out by Salon, who comment "Fact is, much as you and I might want to protest that we were cooler than these kids, wherever and whenever we did our growing up, we probably weren't."

Baffled By ‘The Olive Tree’: Emma Watson Gets To Grips With US Culture

Emma Watson Logan Lerman Ezra Miller

Emma Watson may be able to do a convincing American accent but cultural differences still wedge a gap between her and her US co-stars. In a recent interview on MTV, Emma joined The Perks of Being A Wallflower co-stars Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller the young actors joked about Emma’s confusion a few years ago, when she was asked to read a bunch of phrases in an American accent and the first phrase was ‘The Olive Garden.’ Most Americans will recognise the name of the chain of Italian restaurants but Emma was none the wiser. Her co-stars had to inform her that it was, in fact, simply a restaurant chain and not something more exciting like “a secret garden, full of olives” as Ezra suggested, jokingly: “Oils of olives and all the olives we know, they come from there.”

“We very much had to ask these guys [Miller and Lerman], and they thought it was hilarious, because I'm so naive about these things. They still haven't told me,” laughed Emma during the interview, before explaining that her pals had a pretty clear advantage when it came to understanding American culture. “These guys had had their own personal experiences, they [grew up here], and I arrived in my panicky way, kind of stressed out, and these guys had to tell me, 'It's OK, Emma, it's going to be fine.”

So far, the movie has been well-received. It looks as though The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which is released next month, could well be the breakthrough role that Watson needs to shake off the legacy of Hermione Granger, the character that she played for many years in the Harry Potter movies as a child.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Trailer

Charlie is a 15-year-old high school freshman with no friends since his best friend Michael committed suicide. He is determined to turn his average life around and become someone people notice. He succeeds, at least, in making friends with two seniors; Sam and her extremely effeminate stepbrother Patrick; who let him into their lives and try to show him a good time. He also warms to his English teacher, Bill, who regularly lends him literary texts to read and absorb. Soon, his relationship with Sam gets stronger and Charlie begins to develop feelings for her that he's never before experienced. His new found friends stand by him through high school as he comes to terms with the death of his friend, his mental illness and with who he is as a person.

Continue: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Trailer

The Three Musketeers Trailer

D'Artagnan has always dreamt of becoming a Musketeer but being too young he's never been able to leave his home town of Gascony and make the trip to Paris. Now a little older and less naive he travels to Paris where, through a rather unusual scenario, befriends three seasoned and well respected Musketeers named Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Trailer

Watch the trailer for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

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Gamer Trailer

Watch the trailer for Gamer

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Indignation Movie Review

Philip Roth's layered novels are a challenge for filmmakers (see also 2003's The Human Stain...

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Indignation Trailer

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