LMFAO singer SkyBlu took Spanish lessons to tap into the lucrative Latin music market with his new album.

The Party Rock Anthem hitmakers recently announced they are taking a break to work on solo projects and SkyBlu revealed he is releasing a Spanish-language record.

He tells FOX News Latino, "I'm coming out with a Spanish record... There will be a big person in the song. Everything is going great. It's time for new beginnings. I got to start fresh.

"I've always had a special connection with the Latin community because I've always been mistaken for being one (Latino) myself... and furthermore, I think the biggest Lmfao fanbase in the beginning were Latinos... We just had the biggest Latin American following and I was like these are great people... I'm just honoured and I'm inspired (by the fans)."

Raul De Molina, a presenter for U.S. Tv network Univision, tells the New York Post, "SkyBlu told me he wants to do some stuff in Spanish now and is learning the language."