LMFAO star SkyBlu has warned fans eager for new music from the quirky pop pair to be patient because they are in no rush to head back into the studio together.

The Party Rock Anthem hitmakers, which formed in 2006, have been on hiatus since last year (12), with SkyBlu launching a solo career and RedFoo taking on a role as a talent judge on the Australian version of The X Factor, while also working on achieving his dreams as a professional tennis player.

The duo is frequently quizzed by fans about the band's future plans, and SkyBlu admits devotees face a long wait because they don't want to force their creativity by reuniting just for the sake of it.

He tells MTV News, "It's on the hiatus tip... We've had a great success, and that whole success was based on an organic lifestyle, an organic situation in the studio. And so for that to come out the right way, we got to allow it to have time to breathe (sic). People (are) always (like), 'Well, we want Lmfao.' Ok, well, you didn't want Lmfao before Lmfao got hot. So slow down. Lmfao gonna come back, but we gonna do it right (sic). We're not gonna rush. Nothing can make us rush.

"We'll definitely satisfy that thirst for (the fans) because it's important. I know how important it is, and so does Foo..."

However, SkyBlu insists reports of a rift between him and his uncle are completely unfounded.

He says, "I saw him the other day. He hasn't yet (heard my solo music). He's in Australia doing his thing. He's doing it big. He's doing the tennis and he's doing The X Factor. He's busy. He's super busy."