LMFAO star Redfoo has fallen victim to hackers who changed his Wikipedia page to accuse him of promoting "rape culture" in his new song.

The Sexy and I Know It hitmaker faced scrutiny following the release of his new track Literally, I Can't, which features lyrics suggesting men should tell women to "shut the f**k up" if they reject their advances.

Redfoo issued an apology and insisted the lyrics have been misinterpreted, but he faced an online petition calling for him to be sacked from his job on Australia's The X Factor, and he has now expressed his outrage after his Wikipedia page was hacked.

The hackers changed his biography to read, "Redfoo... has instead spent the last few years defecating out kitschy, tacky music, set to catchy beats in order to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Redfoo's latest single is Literally, I can't, a track in which he gleefully exacerbates rape culture... Redfoo is close to 40 years old but acts like an entitled, irritating child."

In an appearance on Australian radio station Kiis 1065's The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Friday morning (14Nov14), Redfoo says, "I've been under fire... The women have gone crazy on me... I don't know how Redfoo and 'rape culture' got into the same headline... It went out of control and it spiralled... The darts were thrown at me. We were just trying to make a fun song...

"You don't know who did it (hacked the Wikipedia page)... there's a screenshot of the username of who I think last changed it... Someone went in there and hacked it, and I didn't even see that until this morning... I think a couple of people have hacked it because that's the issue with Wikipedia is anybody can go in and change it."