The Sexy and I Know It hitmaker, real name Stefan Gordy, was partying at The Golden Sheaf Hotel in August (14) when he was attacked and he later received treatment for a nasty head wound.

Arian Berisha, 21, denied charges of reckless wounding and assault in September (14), but changed his plea on the latter charge to guilty during an appearance at Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney on Tuesday (31Mar15). The charge of reckless wounding has been dropped and Berisha will be sentenced in the same court on 26 May (15).

Redfoo previously said of the incident, "I have no clue on why you could do such a thing, I can only think of the word jealousy... Why would somebody throw a glass at somebody? (Clubs have to) get rid of the glass cups, the glass bottles. It's just unnecessary in the club and it's very dangerous. I don't do shows unless there's everything plastic in the clubs and the shows."