LMFAO collaborator and producer Goonrock has heaped praise on the mastermind behind the colourful group, insisting he's a modern-day business genius.
The hitmaker, real name David Jamahl Listenbee, went to the same school as RedFoo and admits he knew from an early age his pal was destined to become a superstar.
GoonRock tells WENN, "He's the main one responsible for what you see; he has always been very business-minded and very brand-minded. He had this thing that you see now planned out to a tee from when the group started. He's a genius in that way... He should teach business."
And the producer admits his family background helps - RedFoo is the son of Motown boss Berry Gordy: "He comes from a family who knows all about business and he was raised in showbusiness... and so he came at it from a business point.
"I was thinking about music, music, music and he's thinking about the big picture; how he's gonna market it, how it's gonna look."
But GoonRock, who co-wrote and produced Lmfao's mega hit Party Rock Anthem, insists his pal isn't all work and no play: "What you get is absolutely what you see with him. Those clothes don't come off. He goes 24/7. He lives it, he loves it. He's a special dude. You're never gonna meet another guy like him."