Hitmaking duo LMFAO and producer Goonrock knew they were working with music gold while they were recording Party Rock Anthem - even though Flo Rida turned the tune down.
Songwriter GoonRock, real name David Jamahl Listenbee, had offered the track to the rapper but his representatives batted it back, allowing Lmfao to rework the lyrics slightly and create the monster hit of the last 18 months.
The producer tells WENN, "It was originally for Flo Rida and the chorus was different and Flo Rida passed on it for some reason, but we all loved it and RedFoo had the idea to make it 'Party rock is in the house tonight.' I was opposed to the lyric change at first because I felt like the other way was more universal, but I thought it was great for the Lmfao brand.
"Before we really got down to cracking the whole thing we said, 'We're gonna change the world with this song!' That's the honest to goodness truth... Obviously we're not changing the world - that's deep - but we wanted to touch the world and make people dance and feel something."
And GoonRock insists he has no hard feelings about Flo Rida turning the track down - in fact he is now working with the rap star on a new tune.
He adds, "I think that there's more opinions in it than just him; there's a lot of politics involved. He's a friend of mine and I have a song with him on his new album.
"He's a fan of the track. We had a laugh about it, he's cool. We had a laugh about it."