Legendary performer Liza Minnelli has declared she is through with sex and just wants to find a partner who is kind and has some integrity. Minnelli split from fourth husband, producer David Gest in 2003 and their divorce is still pending, so the singer insists she won't be racing back down the aisle anytime soon. She explains, "Look at my track record - I have good taste in friends and lousy taste in husbands." The 60-year-old, who has survived addiction problems and two hip replacements, is cautious when it comes to her love life She admits she's "seeing a couple of people" but insists, "I'm sick of sex! I don't give a rat's a**! I care about integrity and kindness." Although Minnelli admits to having some regrets over the years she adds, "They're not enough to slow me down. There's too much to look forward to."