Liza Minnelli in on the lookout for an older man.

The four-times married icon - who split with David Gest in 2007 - says that while she will never wed again, she still wouldn't mind meeting a Sugar Daddy.

The 66-year-old actress said: ''If you even hear I'm getting married, hit me over the head and take me outta there! It does not work.

''You try and accommodate because you love someone ... [and] nowadays why get married? Nobody else does. It's not like I want to have children, I tried that, didn't work unfortunately.

''You know what I think the perfect thing is? An older guy. Very suave, very handsome, with a lot of money ... and you go out with him and you're beautiful on his arm and it's divine, then a younger guy, who is just alive!

''It could be a doctor, it could be a scientist, I don't care, but somebody who is just alive! And then maybe a 19-year-old whose name I don't even know a couple times.''

The 'Cabaret' star has made peace with not having had children of her own, and believes it was fate's way of directing her towards charity work.

She explained to Access Hollywood: ''It helped me because now I work with all kinds of children all over the world. Brain damaged children and I work with kids with AIDS and that's how I've rationalised [not having kids]. I was meant to do something else.''