The actress/singer was due to perform with the North Carolina Symphony orchestra in Wilmington, North Carolina on Saturday (03Oct15).

She flew from Los Angeles to Charlotte, North Carolina to catch a connecting flight to Wilmington.

However, the pilot turned the Wilmington-bound flight back to the airport after suffering extreme turbulence.

Liza found herself stranded in Charlotte, so she called a taxi and completed the journey by car.

She drove through the night and made it to Wilmington on Saturday morning in time for the show.

"Friday's rough weather made traveling a nightmare for Liza, who spent most of the day flying from L.A...." a source tells New York Post gossip column Page Six.

"Her connecting flight from Charlotte suffered extreme turbulence on its way to Wilmington. The pilot flew back to Charlotte."

Minnelli, with her musical collaborator Cortes Alexander, "ended up finding an Uber (taxi) to drive 200 miles."

Liza's representative adds, "He (the taxi driver) drove all night and finally delivered Liza to her hotel at 6.30am."