The siblings, who are the daughters of screen legend Judy Garland, are believed to have grown apart in recent years, but actress/singer Luft is adamant stories of a feud are not true.

She tells Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "People don't like to read about happiness so they make up stores and that's really sad but Liza and I laugh about it. Mum taught us you have to have a sense of humour about everything otherwise you don't survive and it's true. Liza's great. We talk every day but we don't talk about each other's careers that much. She wants to hear about my children and my granddaughter. We do normal things that sisters do, we shop and we go for lunch. She's currently recovering from back surgery."

Minnelli underwent back surgery last year (14) and faced further trouble in March (15) when she checked into a rehab clinic to battle substance abuse.