Barbara Streisand hates performing live.

The 72-year-old star, who is gearing up to release her 34th studio album, 'Partners,' admits she still gets very nervous in front of an audience.

She said: ''[Singing]'s not about performing. I like it when it's just me and my music. I don't have to be charming or funny.''

The 'Woman in Love' hitmaker recalls being very envious when Liza Minnelli got up to sing at a private party at fashion designer Donna Karan's home in the past because she seemed so relaxed.

She said: ''Liza got up in the middle of the room to sing, and I thought, 'How the hell does she do that?'

''I was never that type of person - I don't even sing at home! I can't sing when I see people. I get spooked.''

The 'Way We Were' singer also doesn't like being called a diva.

She said: ''I hate the word 'diva.' It says demanding. Demanding of what? Excellence? There is no male equivalent.''

But Barbara loves watching younger artists take to the stage at music awards shows, especially Miley Cyrus.

Speaking about the 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker, she told People magazine: ''Her look is kind of wonderful...

''There's a lot of talent out there.''