ATOMIC KITTEN star Liz Mcclarnon is still furious with ex-boyfriend KIAN EGAN for his insulting comments after their split.

The high-profile couple dated in early 2003, and when they split the WESTLIFE singer rebounded by voicing several unkind remarks about his former love-kitten to the press.

Despite reports that he'd been plaguing Liz with drunken phone calls, Kian insists Liz was the one who did all the chasing - and exhibited all the bizarre behaviour.

He said, "Liz is one strange cookie. I wouldn't go back there. From the day we broke up I've never called her number in my life, and believe me, she's called mine.

"When we ended, it was splashed over the papers that I'd been pestering her and calling her when I was drunk, begging her to take me back - but it was quite the opposite. I was certainly not obsessed with her."

The 22-year old pop-beauty was deeply offended at the time and is still furious with her boy-band ex for passing the unnecessary remarks.

Liz says, "We went out for a little while and he was very nice. He was very gentlemanly at the time.

"But it was very annoying what he said afterwards. I don't think that when two people have had a relationship together you should go commenting about it afterwards."

01/02/2004 14:32