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3rd December 2015

Quote: "Everyone that I've told I was playing a cop just starts laughing... and I'm like, 'I'll show you'... I went to the police academy in Austin (Texas) and everything and got very serious about it." Liv Tyler took her latest movie role as a police officer in Wildling very seriously.

3rd December 2015

Quote: "My fiance was travelling for work, so he was on a plane and couldn't get there, so I called my sister, and she came right away, and she called my dad... and he just, like, walked out of his house (in Nashville)... and then he kind of walked in just before everything happened and cut the cord... We have a picture and it's like all the doctors and everything's very hygienic, and his hand just looks insane, in there with his long, black claws (fingernails)... and huge skull rings." Actress Liv Tyler reveals rocker dad Steven was by her side as she gave birth to her second child, Sailor, earlier this year (15).

3rd December 2015

Quote: "He surprised us and was six weeks early, which was kind of intense... It was OK, but I was not prepared for it at all." Actress Liv Tyler was not ready to become a mum to baby Sailor, who was born earlier this year (15).

3rd December 2015

Quote: "One of my favourite films is called Wild At Heart, which is a David Lynch movie, and the two main characters are Sailor and Lula, and I always thought, 'Oh, if I have a girl, I'll call her Lula...' By accident Sailor happened and David (Gardner, fiance) said, 'What about Sailor?' and I said, 'Yeah, let's call out baby Sailor'." Liv Tyler on the source of her baby son's name.

21st February 2015

Fact: New mother Liv Tyler and her boyfriend, sports agent David Gardner, have named their baby boy Sailor Gene Gardner. The tot, the couple's first child, was born on 11 February (15). He joins the actress' son Milo, 10, from her previous marriage to Royston Langdon, and seven-year-old Gray, Gardner's boy with his ex-wife, British actress Davinia Taylor.

17th November 2014

Quote: "The most fun thing about being pregnant is having those mom hormones flowing around. You're more present in your body and it's making me a better mother for Milo. You become more like a child. When you're tired, you have to sleep immediately. When you're hungry... For seven years, I'd been saying I wanted to do an HBO show with an ensemble cast and I wanted the house in the country. And getting to have another child?" The Leftovers actress Liv Tyler loves being pregnant again and reveals all her dreams for 2014 have come true.

14th August 2014

Quote: "I had to smoke a bong... and they have these weird herbal cigarettes, so the stuff that they put (in there)... makes me so sick. Just being in the room... That scene, I almost fainted and I had to stop it... It's something about the smell that sends me over the edge." Actress Liv Tyler spent weeks recovering after faking a real high on the set of a recent film.

14th August 2014

Quote: "He wears leopard underwear all the time and when Justin Theroux and some of the other castmembers came to see him play at Jones Beach (in New York)... and I kind of told them this story about this time he came into the car butt first in a leopard thong, and how it was hilarious but pretty embarrassing for me; and then Justin came into the dressing room just before he went on and sure enough, he was changing his outfit... and he was in a leopard thong. I was like, 'See, I'm not crazy'." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler embarrassed daughter Liv Tyler before a show when he stripped in front of her The Leftovers co-stars.

13th August 2014

Quote: "I never get sick of it. It always kind of blows my mind when I see him." Actress Liv Tyler never tires of seeing her dad's band Aerosmith live.

3rd August 2014

Quote: "He's like a magical wizard. He always has gadgets." Actress Liv Tyler insists her rocker dad Steven is the best grandfather to her nine year old Milo.

2nd August 2014

Quote: "He said, 'I want to know what it feels like to be Milo when he wakes up in the morning'." Liv Tyler reveals her father, rocker Steven, loves to sleep in his grandson's bed when he stays with her.

17th July 2014

Quote: "There was a scene where he was jogging and there was quite a large bulge in his sweatpants. I get distracted when I watch the pilot. Definitely. I can't help but look there. But I never notice the bulge other times." Actress Liv Tyler on her The Leftovers co-star Justin Theroux's prominent package.

24th June 2014

Quote: "I always have to raid his cupboards because he's got all the best creams. He's a major moisturiser. He'll cover his whole body in oil and moisturiser and walk around the house in a pair of shorts." Actress Liv Tyler spills her dad, Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler's beauty secrets.

14th November 2012

Fact: Actresses Emma Stone, Allison Williams, Liv Tyler and Christina Ricci stepped out on Tuesday (13Nov12) to honour designers at the 2012 Cfda/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in New York City. Stone handed one of the evening's top prizes to up-and-coming designer Greg Chait.

24th January 2012

Quote: "I like her very much." Actress Liv Tyler gives her father's new fiancee Erin Brady the thumbs up.

4th July 2011

Quote: "Trying to get up on time, get breakfast ready, get lunch packed - it took me the whole year to adjust! Especially with my coming from such a gypsy lifestyle. Having to sort of answer to school has been intense." Actress Liv Tyler has struggled to adapt to life as a regular school mum for her son Milo, six, because of her laid back upbringing.

4th July 2011

Quote: "I remember my first conversation with my dad... he told me to cross my legs because I was sitting in a chair wearing a skirt and a big sweatshirt... I remember that vividly. And to this day, even when I get out of a town car and there's paparazzi, my knees are locked together!" Actress Liv Tyler learned an early lesson in how to behave like a lady from her rocker father Steven Tyler.

3rd July 2011

Quote: "I always wear a different smell for every character. My sense of smell has such a keen emotional connection for me. It's funny, but I can't wear my own normal perfume when I'm playing a character." Actress Liv Tyler seeks out a new fragrance to help her get into character when filming different projects.

23rd June 2011

Quote: "I'm proud of my father. I admire his courage to do American Idol at this time of his life. He's fabulous. Charming. Magical. Friends my age tell me, 'I have a crush on your father.' We're both busy working, but we see one another. We speak. We text constantly." Liv Tyler on her famous dad, Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler.

23rd June 2011

Quote: "The second Milo was born, all I could dream about was eating doughnuts. Why should women feel all this terrible pressure of getting their shape back so fast?" Liv Tyler refused to crash diet following the birth of her son in 2004, instead choosing to indulge in her favourite sugary treats.

6th May 2011

Quote: "My dad wears girls' clothes - it's so funny. Sometimes I see him and I'm like, 'Nice shirt!,' because it's from my closet." Actress Liv Tyler reveals her rocker father Steven often borrows her clothes.

31st March 2011

Quote: "I just missed the everyday ­interaction with human beings, that feeling of walking down the street and looking someone in the eye and seeing crazy, beautiful, weird things happen and knowing the guy who works in the deli." Actress Liv Tyler misses living in her native New York.

31st March 2011

Quote: "He goes everywhere in a stretch (limo). He goes like grocery shopping in a stretch." Actress Liv Tyler admits her rocker father Steven Tyler has a flashy way of getting around.

30th March 2011

Quote: "The funniest thing about him is that he has such a unique way of text messaging, which is, like, really another language. And I can speak it, but it always makes me laugh. I have to read it out loud to people. Everything's in capital letters. He has his own way of spelling things, that you really couldn't decipher it. It's like morse code or something." Liv Tyler on her rocker father Steven's odd way of communicating.

23rd March 2011

Quote: "The outfits can be outrageous... He has this huge closet at home... It's like a giant room... It's kind of amazing to browse through there. I often wanna steal some bits and bobs... Occasionally I'll steal a T-shirt." Actress Liv Tyler on her rocker dad Steven's sprawling closet.

22nd March 2011

Quote: "My dad has an indoor pool at his house... You go through a screen door, you press a button and Hawaiian music comes on; you go down a slide or a set of stairs into a game room and then a big indoor pool and a cave and a water slide." Actress Liv Tyler on the play area her father Steven has built for her son Milo.

9th December 2010

Quote: "I've never really dated before. I'm not a very good person to ask about dating." Actress Liv Tyler doesn't have much experience on the dating scene after splitting from rocker husband ROYSTON LANGDON in 2008.

9th June 2010

Quote: "I find it hard to date. I don't fall in love easily." Liv Tyler is unlucky-in-love.

5th May 2010

Quote: "We have this little ritual where we meet at like 2 or 3 o'clock, and we drink champagne and do hair and make-up and take pictures. Then we come here and we start walking and we're like, 'Oh my God! I'm going to trip!'" Liv Tyler turns preparing for the annual Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala in New York a full day affair with pal Kate Hudson.

1st February 2010

Quote: "(She is) the most stylish person I know. I love playing dress-up with her and her closet.” Hollywood actress Liv Tyler names British model Kate Moss as her ultimate fashion icon.

25th July 2009

Fact: Liv Tyler's horror movie THE STRANGERS is coming back to haunt film fans - director BRYAN BERTINO is working on a sequel to the 2008 movie.

1st July 2009

Fact: Liv Tyler helped Heidi Klum celebrate becoming a fourth-time mum at the supermodel's baby shower in New York on Sunday (28Jun09). The Project Runway host was joined by the actress and close friends and family, who enjoyed pink cupcakes to mark Klum and singer husband Seal welcoming their first daughter together. The blonde beauty is also mum to five-year-old daughter Leni, from a previous relationship, and the couple's sons Henry, three, and Johan, two.

11th May 2009

Quote: "I can't drive in heels, so I always take my shoes off. Gwyneth is the best driver in heels ever! I've seen her, and I have no idea how she does it." Liv Tyler is in awe of close pal Gwyneth Paltrow for her ability to drive a car in towering stilettos.

13th December 2008

Fact: Gwyneth Paltrow, THE Beastie Boys, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, Mike Myers, Liv Tyler and Ellen Page are among a host of celebrities auctioning custom-designed lunchboxes to raise money for the hungry. The online auction runs Friday (12Dec08) through Thursday (18Dec08) on to benefit the Food Bank for New York City and The Lunchbox Fund, which provides lunches to impoverished schoolchildren in South Africa.

4th November 2008

Fact: Natalie Portman dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for Drew Barrymore's Halloween night costume party. Liv Tyler went as Charlie Chaplin and Anne Hathaway was a corpse bride.

23rd October 2008

Quote: "He likes to call me his princess. He says, 'Oh, mummy, you're so cute. You're my precious, precious mummy.'" Actress Liv Tyler's three-year-old son MILO heaps compliments on his mother.

22nd June 2008

Quote: "The best thing my dad ever taught me when I was a teenager was when he brought me in the bathroom and he made me smell his used dental floss. It was so disgusting, I've flossed ever since then!" Liv Tyler was scared into practicing dental hygiene after seeing the state of her rocker father Steven Tyler's teeth.

13th June 2008

Fact: Liv Tyler's grandmother is an etiquette expert.

6th June 2008

Quote: My mom saw a picture of Liv Ullman in TV Guide. That's how she got the name. I appreciate it now, but I grew up in Portland, Maine, where it was a little unusual." Liv Tyler explains her unusual name

26th May 2008

Quote: "He has no idea what my dad does, or that he's famous but I can tell that he thinks there's something special about him. He gets this little extra twinkle in his eye when he's around him." Liv Tyler on her son's relationship with his Aerosmith rocker grandfather Steven Tyler.

29th October 2007

Quote: "What could I do? Run away and smoke a joint, and go to rock concerts for the weekend? That's all they ever did." Actress Liv Tyler insists teenage rebellion was impossible as the daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler and socialite BEBE BUELL.

28th September 2007

Quote: "He's very musical. He went to an Aerosmith concert and sat on stage with LIV and loved it." Rocker ROYSTON LANGDON is proud his two-year-old son with Liv Tyler enjoys the music his grandfather Steven Tyler makes with Aerosmith.

30th June 2007

Quote: "My mom would drive me to school in a little blue Volkswagen Bug in the morning in her nightgown... I'd get out and be so embarrassed, and she'd honk at me and go, `Bye, honey!' I'd want to kill her." Liv Tyler wasn't a fan of growing up as hippy Bebe Buell's daughter.

11th May 2007

Fact: Tim Roth is joining Edward Norton and Liv Tyler in the cast of upcoming sequel The Incredible Hulk.

30th April 2007

Fact: Liv Tyler's husband ROYSTON LANGDON and his rock band ARCKID will play at London's Hyde Park Calling festival this June (07) according to the Aerosmith website.

26th March 2007

Quote: "MILO was nine months old, and I was still wearing a maternity top. I dialled 1-800 HELP ME and went to see my trainer. It took me a year to lose all that." Actress Liv Tyler admits she struggled to lose her baby weight after her son was born.

25th March 2007

Quote: "He wanted to take me to the opera and I begged him not to." Liv Tyler on her rocker husband ROYSTON LANGDON's fourth wedding anniversary plans for Sunday (25MAR07).

16th February 2007

Quote: "I'm not so crazy about the a**-crack low-rise. When you sit, they dig into your tummy fat!" Liv Tyler prefers to be modest when it comes to selecting a pair of jeans.

8th January 2007

Fact: Aussie supermodel GEMMA WARD has just wrapped her movie debut opposite Liv Tyler in THE STRANGERS.

19th September 2006

Quote: "Everybody told me that the weight would come off real fast after giving birth - well, that turned out to be a big lie!" Liv Tyler, whose son MILO is now two, dispels Hollywood childbirth myths.

18th September 2006

Quote: "Everybody told me that the weight would come off real fast after giving birth. Well, that turned out to be a big lie!" Actress Liv Tyler found it difficult getting back into shape following the birth of her son MILO in December 2004.

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