Liv Tyler feels under pressure to look good.

The stunning actress - who has a five-year-old son Milo from her marriage to Royston Langdon - admits she tries to be careful about what she eats if she is working on a new movie.

Liv revealed: "I do feel pressure. I watch what I eat - I try to be balanced, but not to be strict all the time.

"When it's the holidays or I'm not working, I want to cook beautiful meals and eat them with my son and enjoy life. Then before I have something coming up, maybe I'll do three days where I'll just make juices and smoothies and soups and eat a lot of vegetables."

Despite occasionally taking a relaxed approach to her diet, the actress does admit to having a genuine interest in fashion and always tries to dress to suit her shape.

She said: "Jeans and a striped top and a blazer is a very good look for me, but I also love to wear cute little dresses or rompers with tights and my Converse or my little Lanvin flats.

"I'm pretty obsessed with rompers at the moment."