Former Little House On The Prairie star SIDNEY GREENBUSH has been hit by tragedy - her husband has committed suicide.
Veterinarian and horse breeder William 'Rocky' Foster shot himself in the head at the couple's Visalia, California home on 5 May (09).
According to America's Star magazine, Foster called Greenbush, 55, to tell her he planned to kill himself two days after the actress told him she wanted a divorce.
She called the police, but a neighbour had already discovered Foster slumped on the ground. He was taken to hospital but died soon afterwards.
Greenbush, who shared the role of Carrie Ingalls in the hit show with the twin sister Lindsay, had been married to Foster for nine years.
She had only recently quit acting to devote her time to the horse ranch she shared with Foster.
A friend tells the Star, "Even with all their problems, I know she cared so deeply for her husband."