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Little Comets (Formed 2008) Little Comets is an English rock band consisting of members Robert Coles, Michael Coles, and Matt Hall. They are better known for their singles, "A Little Opus" and "Dancing Song". Formation Brothers Robert (vocals) and Michael (guitar) Coles, Matt Hall (bassist) and Mark Harle (drummer) formed a band in 2008.

Music Career: Columbia Records signed the band in 2008. In 2011, they released their debut album "In Search Of Elusive Little Comets". In 2012, they released their second album, "Life Is Elsewhere", under Dirty Hit records. The band released their debut single "One Night In October", in 2009, through Lucky Number Records. It got to number 3 on the independent chart. Also in 2009, they released their second single, "adultery". In May 2011, band member Mark Harle left the band to pursue other opportunities. In 2012, their single "Dancing Song" was used on the Radox Advert. "The Gentle" EP was released on 23rd February 2014, and "Salt" EP in June.

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Little Comets - Hope Is Just A State Of Mind Album Review

Little Comets are set to release their highly anticipated album 'Hope Is Just a State of Mind' on February 16th 2015. After their successful 2014 tour accompanied by Catfish and The Bottlemen, the band have become vastly more popular, offering a distinctive and stimulating style of composition.  

Little Comets - Hope Is Just a State of Mind Album Review

The group have successfully kept their unique 'kitchen sink' indie style, with 'Hope Is Just a State of Mind' perfectly capturing the band's clear intention to express their talent the way they want it to be shown, rather than reinventing themselves in order to fit with whatever brand of indie pop that's currently popular. Their music reflects personal and political thoughts, but doesn't always manage to connect with the listener; indeed, sometimes they're in danger of alienating percentages of their demographic.

The first track, 'My Boy William', is very delicate, opening with everyday sound effects used to great impact and frontman Robert Coles' acoustic solo performance. The band eke in as it develops into a fantastic opener with lyrics such as, "I cut all the pages from a magazine, so my boy stays true enough to dream." It is clearly a very personal track, and the gentle acoustic vibe adds to that moving touch. 'B&B' also has a private quality to it with the lyrics "Even my own mother cannot take me back".

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Introducing: Edinburgh's Finest Bwani Junction, On Their Return With Album Two

Bwani Junction Little Comets

It may have been a slow start for this Edinburgh quartet but, now on their second album and fresh from their mini tour with Little Comets, it looks like Bwani Junction are really going to rock 2014.

Bwani Junction 2014

The band admit that most of them (Rory, Fergus and Jack) have been making music together since they were at the tender of 11, before Dan joined the group at 16 when they formed Bwani Junction. It was then they released their debut album 'Fully Cocked' through their own label Aksatak, working with Glaswegian record producer Paul Savage who is best known as the drummer in The Delgados. They had a good career start, playing the likes of T In The Park and the Isle of White Festival and supporting The View and Simple Minds, before things got a bit quieter for them. However, here now with their excellent second album 'Tongue Of Bombie', they will no doubt be bringing the music industry's attention round to them again. 

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Live at Leeds 2013 - Live Review

Having quickly established itself as the best metropolitan music festival in the UK, Live At Leeds returned over the warm bank holiday weekend to send a spark of excitement and energy fizzing through the city's streets. As ever with LAL - and most other festivals - line-up clashes were inevitable though it did little to dampen the atmosphere of what proved to be one of the best Live at Leeds offerings yet.

The thing to remember when wandering the streets with a crumpled programme trying to figure out if you can sprint from Brudenell Social Club to The Wardrobe in under 8 minutes is that you really don't need to. The whole point of Live at Leeds is that there's always someone playing, somewhere, and it makes for a far richer experience to circle a couple of your must-sees though pretty much go with the flow of the festival.

Incidentally - after a visit to the Holy Trinity Church to catch the end of the impressive Harry George Johns - the first real port of call was the horrendously busy Cockpit venue in the city centre, where queues snaked up and down the street with hundreds of fans desperate to gain access. Luckily, organisers had put together a pretty tasty schedule for the venue so waiting wristband holders were eventually treated to something worth queuing for.

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A Week In Music - Bonobo Builds On Steady Career, Little Comets Supply Astronomical Memories, Palma Violets Return With Raucous Video

Bonobo Tullycraft Sam Roberts Little Comets Palma Violets Miles Kane 50 Cent Eric Clapton Brad Paisley LL Cool J Rolling Stones

Bonobo - The North Borders

Albums of Note... Bonobo, aka Simon Green, may not have found instant stardom in his career but his work is characterised by a steady progress that is reflected in his tracks. North Borders is the fifth studio album from Bonobo and he calls on a range of influences, from hip-hop, soul, jazz and dubstep, to create a sound that has gradually developed into his own distinctive sound. Bonobo calls on a few friends for this album, notably Erykah Badu, who sings on ‘Heaven for the Sinner,’ a twinkling take on modern soul.

“What sets Bonobo apart in an overly crowded marketplace… is an expert ability to channel myriad influences from outside of his sphere into something that works perfectly inside it, not just within a single track but start-to-finish across an album.”

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Little Comets - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire 10th April 2013 Live Review 2013

We all have that one album that defines a section of our lives. It might be the first album you bought, or an album you listened to during a memorable holiday, or an album that reminds you of time spent with a loved one.

Little Comets - Live Review

This is what 'Life is Elsewhere' by Little Comets is to me. Not only is it one of the most daring, groundbreaking and enjoyable albums of the past year, it has been the 'soundtrack' to a certain section of my life.

As that section was drawing to a close, this felt like the perfect opportunity to sample 'Life is Elsewhere' (what an aptly named album, by the way) in a live environment.

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Live At Leeds Announce First Wave Of Bands For 2013: Rudimental, The Staves, Laura Mvula, The Neighbourhood, The 1975 And Much More

Live At Leeds AlunaGeorge Darwin Deez Everything Everything Rudimental King Krule Laura Mvula Swim Deep The 1975 Unknown Mortal Orchestra Jagwar Ma The Neighbourhood Department M Peace The Pigeon Detectives The Staves Tribes Theme Park Wave Machines Joe Banfi Little Comets

Live At Leeds - the metropolitan music festival held annually across a variety of venues in Leeds on the first bank holiday weekend of May - has just added some huge bands to its roster. 

Indie fans better take note, as just a portion of the line up includes Rudimental, Everything Everything, The Pigeon Detectives, The Vaccines, Tribes, AlunaGeorge, The Staves, Darwin Deez, Little Comets, King Krule, Laura Mvula, Swim Deep, The 1975 and Peace. LAL continues to enforce its remit of pushing local bands to the fore while providing national acts to draw in the crowds. It's a real music lover's affair, and this year looks set to carry on the tradition. And with tickets from just £22.50, it's affordable too. 

The Pigeon Detectives - having just announced album number 4, Rudimental - will look to bring their uncompromising brand of indie to the proceedings, while The Vaccines will be playing a separate ticketed event on the Sunday of Live at Leeds with special support from TOY and more names to be added.

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Little Comets - Life Is Elsewhere Album Review

"Kitchen sink indie". This is how the Wikipedia page for Little Comets describes their music. Now, I'm no expert on kitchen sinks, but I've never considered my sink to be a musical genre. I'm not sure what it means, but perhaps we can find another pretentious term to describe the Mackem four piece.

Little Comets - Life Is Elsewhere Album review

'Life is Elsewhere' is the second album from the band and, for the first time, they have been able to transfer the elegance, complexity and power of their live shows onto a record. 'Life is Elsewhere' feels like the kind of album that will propel Little Comets into the festival main stage league. 

'A Little Opus' opens up the record and will come as no surprise to long-term admirers of Little Comets. The spiky, slightly awkward guitar followed by the delicate vocals of Robert Coles open the door to 'Life is Elsewhere' in typical Little Comets style. It's what comes after that really marks the arrival of Little Comets MK2. The song bursts into the kind of chorus that wouldn't be out of place on The Maccabees mercury nominated third album 'Given To The Wild'. It's an absolute epic that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

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Little Comets - Jennifer

Tyne and Wear Indie trio Little Comets present us with yet another brilliant new single 'Jennifer' out June 11th 2012 on Dirty Hit Records.

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Little Comets - Worry

Little Comets' new single, Worry, will be released on December 12th 2011; their EP of the same name will also be released on that day, through Dirty Hit. Little Comets have announced a UK tour which will take place in April 2012.

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Little Comets, In Search Of Elusive Little Comets Album Review

In Search Of Elusive Little Comets is the debut album from Newcastle-based four-piece Little Comets, who's alternative fusion combines a perky indie-disco edge with a confident, eclectic blend. The result is outstanding; an album that takes the best parts of contemporary indie successes and throws them into a musical melting pot from which Little Comets have churned out this precise, fresh and well-considered offering.

Opening tracks 'Adultery' and 'One Night In October' sound instantly familiar with the catchy and confident indie strut of the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals and The Maccabees; a sound which flows effortlessly throughout In Search Of Elusive Little Comets. 'One Night In October' sounds the first of many strong kicking choruses on the album, ridden with a funky, feel-good, indie disco pound and tight guitar riffs. The interlocking guitars and funky bass and drum parts continue through a similarly catchy, danceable groove through 'Joanna' and many of the following tracks on the album.

'Her Black Eyes' proves something of a contrast to the establisher indie-disco vibe with spacey delayed electric and gentle acoustic guitars providing a calmer accompaniment to Robert Coles' distinctive singing and whooping vocals; the strum of the acoustic guitar and strong pluck of the acoustic bass forms an accidental gentle percussive accompaniment. Later in the track, the drums and melodic accompaniment kick in sounding flavours of Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire. The flavours of Vampire Weekend, both vocally and in the catchy, light-hearted musical vibe, are sounded later in 'Tricolour' and the energetic 'Dancing Song', eclectic with all its random whistling and synth sounds.

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