Little Boots is happy to have ''reclaimed'' control of her career.

The 31-year-old singer - whose real name is Victoria Hesketh - parted ways with her record company after the release of her second album 'Nocturnes' and though she admits it is ''hard'' to go it alone, she is relishing the chance to make her own creative decisions.

She said: ''It was hard, but after going to through the whole business of being in the pop world and not entirely in control of what was out there, it was really important to reclaim that.

''I wanted to build myself as an artist and do it my way.''

And the 'Remedy' hitmaker admits being her own boss requires a lot more work than she expected.

She told LOOK magazine: ''It's great, because I'm totally in charge, but it's a lot more work that I'd imagined.

''I kept telling myself, 'Fake it til you make it' - and it worked!

''I joke that I'm a CEO nowadays because it's kind of true.''

As well as focusing on her own career, Little Boots is also looking for new artists to sign to her label.

She said: ''I've been trying to find some new artists to sign to my label, and there's an American one called Tinashe who I really love.''